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Press releases

What we say about ourselves: Press releases
2019-12 Bissantz relaunches website: More knowledge about BI and DeltaMaster

Nuremberg, December 9, 2019: Bissantz & Company has launched a new website with a revised design concept and a clear focus on appealing, wide-ranging and intelligible content.

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2019-10 DeltaMaster in the BI Survey 19: “Maximum business benefits with integrated performance management”

Nuremberg, October 30, 2019: The BI Survey 19 has confirmed DeltaMaster from Bissantz & Company as a leading product. 95 percent of DeltaMaster users would recommend it, while 92 percent rated Bissantz’s support as excellent or good. DeltaMaster again achieved first place among integrated performance management products in the Business Benefits category.

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2019-10 Bissantz Partner Award: AHAG recognized as best Bissantz partner for 2019

Nuremberg, October 16, 2019: At its annual partner conference in Nuremberg, Bissantz & Company presented AHAG Unternehmensberatung with the Bissantz Partner Award 2019.

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2019-09 Our latest trend reports: “How to digitalize in-store retail and e-commerce?”

Nuremberg, September 3, 2019: The business intelligence provider Bissantz & Company is addressing the topic of digitalization in retail. What is the best way to handle growing data volumes? Bissantz shares its expertise in two trend reports:

  • “Digitalization in in-store retail – Finding the right dose of data”
  • “E-commerce controlling – Revenue alone does not make you happy”

A mobile test application demonstrates how branch and corporate managers can use real-time data to stay in control of their business.

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2019-07 Bissantz releases DeltaMaster app for Android

Nuremberg, July 9, 2019: The business intelligence provider Bissantz & Company has announced that the DeltaMaster app has been released for Android. This means that applications and reports from the DeltaMaster business intelligence software can now be used with all current mobile operating systems.

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2018-11 Bissantz Partner Award: Orpheus recognized as best Bissantz partner for 2018

Nuremberg, November 27, 2018: At its annual partner conference, Bissantz & Company presented Orpheus with the Bissantz Partner Award.

Orpheus was recognized for its impressive performance in the implementation of procurement analytics projects. Orpheus’s core business is the development of software for purchasing controlling and strategic purchasing. Its software modules are used by numerous international customers, from corporations to high-end SMEs.

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2018-11 DeltaMaster in the BI Survey 18

The BI Survey 18: DeltaMaster again number one for Visual Design Standards

Nuremberg, November 20, 2018: DeltaMaster from Bissantz & Company performed extremely well in the BI Survey 18, with 96 percent of DeltaMaster users saying they would recommend the product. DeltaMaster was voted number one for “Visual Design Standards” across all peer groups. All in all, DeltaMaster received eight #1 rankings and was rated as a leader in a further 40 categories.

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2018-11 Bissantz takes over sponsorship of lecture theater at alma mater FAU

Nuremberg, November 8, 2018: The software manufacturer Bissantz & Company is now the sponsor of a lecture theater at FAU University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. At the start of the 2018/19 winter semester, lecture theater H6 in the new building on Lange Gasse in Nuremberg was renamed the “Bissantz lecture theater”. With its sponsorship, the Nuremberg-based company is helping to modernize the hall with new media technology and improve study conditions in the School of Business, Economics and Society.

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2018-09 Bissantz to hold information event for the publishing and media sectors

Business intelligence for the publishing and media sectors: Bissantz to hold information event
Nuremberg, September 24, 2018: The software manufacturer Bissantz & Company is inviting BI officers from publishing houses and printed and digital media to a business intelligence information event to be held in Nuremberg on October 11, 2018.

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2018-08 DeltaApp now available

Bissantz revolutionizes mobile management reporting with new smartphone app

Nuremberg, August 20, 2018: The business intelligence provider Bissantz & Company has announced that an innovative new app is now available. “DeltaApp” condenses data navigation, variance analysis, and performance management down to an iPhone screen – and makes do without diagrams.

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2018-05 CEBIT 2018 – Bissantz presents DeltaApp

The new DeltaApp, the familiar DeltaMaster BI software, and partner solutions can be seen at booth C18 in hall 16.

Nuremberg, May 30, 2018: The business intelligence provider Bissantz & Company is presenting its new iOS app at this year’s CEBIT. DeltaApp combines data navigation, variance analysis, and performance management in the most concise form imaginable. The basic idea: Anything that won’t fit on a smartphone screen will have trouble holding managers’ attention in day-to-day management. The patented haptic reasoning organizes all operation sequences so that a swipe of the thumb displays the most relevant figures for a logical commercial approach in any given scenario. This is ensured by Bissantz’Numbers, the two-color scheme and AI heuristics for variance analysis that we have also patented, which was previously only available in DeltaMaster. Using preconfigured transformations, DeltaApp processes data from all typical ERP systems so that it can be set up quickly and without the need for cumbersome data warehouse projects.

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2018-05 Klingele analyzes SAP HANA data using DeltaMaster

Project implemented in just three days

Nuremberg, May 2, 2018: The Klingele Group uses the DeltaMaster business intelligence software from Bissantz & Company to evaluate financial data from SAP HANA. As the front-end, DeltaMaster typically accesses the data warehouse systems of the big software houses. At corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturer Klingele, however, DeltaMaster is connected directly to the ERP system – without using the business warehouse. This eliminates a time-consuming step in information processing. The rapid query speed required for direct access was achieved using SAP HANA (“SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA”).

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2018-02 Bissantz extends partner network to China

Hydsoft brings DeltaMaster BI solution to the Chinese market

Nuremberg, February 26, 2018: The BI software provider Bissantz & Company is now marketing its DeltaMaster business intelligence software in China via a local partner, Hydsoft Holding Group. The Beijing-based IT company specializes in business solutions for outsourcing, Big Data, and cloud services. It has over 1,300 employees at its head office in Beijing and branches in Shanghai and seven other major cities in China.

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2017-11 DeltaMaster in the Planning Survey 17

In BARC’s user survey, “The Planning Survey 17”, DeltaMaster from Bissantz & Company achieved first place in its peer group of development-oriented planning solutions in no fewer than five categories, including customer satisfaction and project success.

Nuremberg, November 13, 2017: Planning, analysis, and reporting: In DeltaMaster, these three core business intelligence tasks are closely interconnected and available in a common interface. DeltaMaster has been evaluated by users in “The BI Survey” for a number of years now and is regularly recognized as a leader in numerous categories. This year, DeltaMaster was extensively presented in “The Planning Survey” for the first time, and the results were similarly impressive. DeltaMaster achieved first place in its peer group of development-oriented planning solutions in no fewer than five categories – customer satisfaction, project success, vendor support, implementer support, and self-service.

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2017-11 DeltaMaster in the BI Survey 17 – No. 1 for Visual Design Standards

BI Survey rates DeltaMaster from Bissantz & Company as a leader in the respective peer groups in more than 40 categories. DeltaMaster voted number one for “Visual Design Standards” across all peer groups.

Nuremberg, November 24, 2017: BARC’s global survey, “The BI Survey 17”, gives the end users of business intelligence products the chance to have their say. They are asked to report on their experiences with the products used, vendors and implementation partners. DeltaMaster has been the clear favorite among users for many years, and this was confirmed by the BI Survey 17: DeltaMaster achieved a top position in more than 40 categories and is rated by BARC as a leader.

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2017-11 Bissantz partner program proves successful

In late 2016, Bissantz & Company introduced a new partner program for the distribution of its DeltaMaster business intelligence software. The aim of the program is to strengthen business with partners by providing them with new, systematic support. It has met with an enthusiastic response, with fifteen high-profile partners already having signed up.

Nuremberg, November 13, 2017: The partner program addresses two main aspects. Firstly, it helps partners to perform their services at the highest professional and technical level. This includes training on the product and complex tasks in areas such as data modeling, business intelligence process automation (ETL, report distribution), and visualization in reporting systems (information design). Partners can document their training success in the form of certification. Secondly, Bissantz is supporting its partners in marketing and sales through project protection, joint lead and market development, and comprehensive support for events, reference marketing, websites and public relations, among other things.

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2016-10 DeltaMaster in the BI Survey 16 – seven #1 rankings

DeltaMaster from Bissantz & Company performed extremely well in the user survey “The BI Survey 16”, achieving first place in the respective peer groups no fewer than seven times. Users highlighted the benefits of their business intelligence applications in particular: DeltaMaster was rated top for Business Benefits across all products in three of its four peer groups. Users also ranked DeltaMaster as a leader in a further 35 categories.

Nuremberg, October 18, 2016: The BI Survey is a global, manufacturer-independent study. It is conducted annually by the Würzburg-based research and consulting institute BARC. BARC divides the manufacturers into peer groups for evaluation purposes. This year, it applied a new system taking regional and functional criteria into account. DeltaMaster is allocated to four groups: the regional group of providers with a focus on Europe (EMEA) and the functional groups for products focusing on OLAP analysis, integrated performance management, and self-service reporting. With a total of seven first places in these peer groups and leading positions in a further 35 categories, DeltaMaster is rated by BARC as a leader.

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2016-07 DeltaMaster and Microsoft Azure

Cloud-based reporting, planning, and analysis

Nuremberg, July 1, 2016: DeltaMaster in the Microsoft Azure cloud means reporting, planning, and analysis with all the benefits of DeltaMaster and cloud computing. At a technical level, these include variable hardware and software costs, less work for IT administrators thanks to the outsourcing of standard tasks such as updates and backups, and flexible scalability in the face of growing data volumes and user access. Global availability and optional protection thanks to geo-redundant data storage are further benefits that are extremely cost-intensive to achieve in-house.