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Bissantz Bixel

Business Intelligence trends for 2020

An intelligent New Year


What will the New Year bring for business intelligence? We have taken a close look at what market analysts and futurologists are forecasting and spoken with customers and market commentators. We have listened to reports from digital natives who are just beginning their careers and are already marveling at phenomena such as Twitch and Patreon. And we have internalized the results of our own research and identified the time delay for innovation in our own customer base. Here is our take on the future of business intelligence.

Perceptional intelligence or computeritis?

Is BI becoming a double-edged sword because it encourages “computeritis”? How can business intelligence help managers to look beyond the calculable?

Augmented data management or an application bottleneck?

Are zero-interest-rate policies and negative interest rates having an impact not only on companies’ strategic decisions, but also on their IT and business intelligence strategies for 2020 and beyond?

Augmented analytics ...

Digital natives are starting to reach management positions in companies. Will this also shift the power structure when it comes to IT topics, and what does this mean for business intelligence in the coming years?

Dopamine instead of adrenaline?

Social media is changing our everyday lives and our information culture – and not only for the better. Will these changes also have an impact on how companies handle data? Will business intelligence benefit or suffer as a result?

Governance for data visualization?

Is fake news also a problem for business intelligence? Do we need BI governance? Are the risks resulting from the systematic limits of diagram-based data visualization even sufficiently widely known?

IoT: Desire or vision?

Is the next flood of data coming our way, this time from machines? Or will the data taps simply continue to drip, and for a long time to come, so that it is not yet worth considering widespread business intelligence with and for IoT?

Alexa and Siri in business intelligence?

Some people see it as inevitable that we will be happy to talk to machines in the future – the same machines for which an iron fist approach to seeing reason has yet to prove successful. Others consider Siri’s slow-witted in-car siblings to be dangerous enough. What is the short-term and long-term outlook in terms of the next interaction?

Explainable AI

Will 2020 and beyond see the AI hype cycle navigating the deep valley of disappointment? Will we achieve insight and enlightenment, or are we already reaching the productivity phase – and what is AI in business intelligence anyway?

Deep analytics: More depth for business intelligence?

Machine learning is claiming to have growing depth, even if this is partially due to jargon-related misunderstandings. What do the coming years look like for business intelligence? Will there be deep business intelligence and deep analytics, and if so, what will they be able to achieve?

Monitoring? Yes please

We make no secret of the fact that we have our own favorite trends. Computeritis, the hype cycle, Siri’s ugly sisters, and many more things besides would be easier to combat using a technique that secret services have been practicing for a long time and that intelligence itself has involved for a long time: looking more closely.

Mobile BI and management self-service: Finally?

BI is supposed to have been mobile for ages. What new developments are there on the horizon that could help turn this promise into something more than just computer programs that have been shrunk to smartphone size? Will 2020 be the year of mobile BI?

Download the “Trends for 2020” white paper now

What will the New Year bring for business intelligence? We have taken a close look and spoken with customers and market commentators. Here is our take on the future of business intelligence.

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