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The fundamentals of management information – Z

Zebra crossing

Coloring the row background using two alternating shades of brightness. Zebra crossings hold long rows together nicely but can be stressful on the eyes when the contrasts are too great. (Think back to the days of continuous green-bar paper printouts…) They quickly conflict with elements for organizing or grouping. DeltaMaster doesn’t use stripes anywhere and utilizes the magical effects of white space and gaps in layouts, just as the great graphic designer Otl Aicher did.


Enlarging images, texts, or graphics. Zooming only has an effect when the → resolution changes as well. On a computer that means that you do not simply see the same image or graphic but rather a new one with a smaller section but with just as many pixels. In the case of text, you change to larger fonts. DeltaMaster uses a patented semantic zoom for sparklines that ensure that zooming adds new detail. This is designed to imitate the mental zoom of the human brain. When an object interests us, our attention draws it closer so that it appears larger than it really is.




Analyse der Abfolge von Werten zu aufeinanderfolgenden Zeitpunkten. Tabel­larisch nicht zu leisten; grafisch, als → Linien– oder → Säulendiagramm, immer noch schwierig. Die richtige → Skalierung ist problematischer als man glauben möchte, vor allem wenn man Entwicklungen mehrerer Objekte mit­einander ver­gleichen möchte. Eine der besonderen Stärken von DeltaMaster, weil wir viel für Tiefgang für Integrität tun: zum Beispiel → vergleichbare Skalierung, → loga­rithmische Skalen, Trendgeraden, Differenzflächen, Inde­xierung, Interpolation, → Sparklines.