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Business Intelligence
The Next Generation

People have been trading for a very long time. Companies have been managed for just as long – using the same methods and key performance indicators over and over again. Successful business people know all about this art. We have automated it.


Bissantz is Business Intelligencefor all companies.

Market leaders, hidden champions and challengers rely on us.

Bissantz is Business Intelligencerethought.

It makes analysis, planning and reporting as easy as it should be.

Without charts
you see clearer.
Our visualization directs
the eyes and the thoughts.

Only two colors
Because no one needs
a yellow Maybe and blue
is the better green.

In two hours,
you will be able to navigate
your data for the first time – deeper,
faster, and easier than ever before.

From all sources
Interfaces to
all internal and external source systems a company needs.

Try it out,right here.

Click, scroll, swipe - that's all it takes.

Try it out,right here.

Klicken, scrollen, wischen – mehr braucht es nicht.

Drag to sort tiles
Tap and click for details
Swipe for change of perspective
Identify trends with Sparklines
Swipe from percent to absolute
Double tap and click to filter

Bissantz is Business Intelligencefor all functions.

Analysis, planning and reporting for all users, in all functions, from all industries.


Are the employees
correctly selected and


Are the capacities
fully utilized
and the lead times short?


Which measures work,
which do not? Do
awareness and brand value?


Do we deliver quickly
and on time?
Is the vehicle fleet fully utilized?


Is the quality of order planning
and inventory management in order?


Which products and sellers
are successful, which are not?
In which regions?


Do the conditions fit,
the quality and the delivery time?


Are liquidity and
financing all right?


How do we turn off errors?
How do we help immediately
and economically?


Are the costs well planned?
Is the contribution margin correct?

Bissantz is Business Intelligence Softwareon all devices.

Information at any time, any place.


So that you always have your data
no matter where you go.


So that data is accessible,
from any place and any device.


For small and large tasks –
with the highest performance.


So that data is always present,
even in passing.


For conference rooms, war rooms
and control rooms.


When important things
should be clearly visible.

Bissantz is Business Intelligencefor all applications.

Analysis, planning and reporting for applications across the enterprise.

Get toknow us.

At our upcoming events.

Bissantz is Business Intelligencefor all industries.

Analysis, planning and reporting for users across the enterprise.

Our customers come from all industries – because our software is designed to be universal. Even customers who already have everything choose Bissantz.

Because we close the gaps: between ERP and BI, between IT and management, between business departments and the executive board, and between analysis, planning and reporting.


Building and DIY

Chemistry and pharma

Service providers

Energy and raw materials

Financial Services


Real Estate




Consumer Goods



Food products



Bissantz is Business Intelligencewith success.

One software, many success stories.

Kunden, die zu Fansund Freunden werden

Auf Bissantz setzen Marktführer, Hidden Champions und Herausforderer, im Mittelstand wie in Großunternehmen – und in allen Branchen. Lesen Sie die Erfolgsgeschichten unserer Kunden.

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