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Improve customer relationships – with analysis, planning and reporting for CRM data from the Salesforce Cloud.

  • effective controlling through standardized reports for marketing, sales, e-commerce, after sales and service

  • multidimensional analysis of relational data from the cloud

  • expandable with additional data, for example from ERP, HR or financial accounting

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Effectively use Salesforce as a data source.

Analytical customer relationship management with Bissantz.

Salesforce is one of the leading providers of customer relatio­nship manage­ment (CRM) and one of many cloud-based systems whose data we can inte­grate with our business intelli­gence solu­tions. Salesforce com­prises soft­ware and plat­forms for strategic and opera­tional tasks in sales, marketing and after sales: managing customer relation­ships, directing sales proces­ses, planning and auto­mating marketing activities and impro­ving customer service. This gene­rates large amounts of data that you can use effectively with Bissantz

We unlock your customer, marketing and sales data – also using additional data sources, for example from HR manage­ment or accoun­ting. This allows us to provide you with a holistic, analytical customer relation­ship manage­ment with data mining based on AI-supported evalu­ations of your CRM data. With clearly visualized reporting from Bissantz, you can keep track of the most important KPIs and use them as a manage­ment tool, for example in the form of a manage­ment infor­mation system for the manage­ment board, super­visory board and shareholders.

Market leaders and hidden champions trust us.


Marketing departments use a variety of comm­uni­cation and adver­tising channels. The most important key figures for effective manage­ment are therefore often not obtained from Salesforce alone. With Bissantz, you can inte­grate all data and analyze it based on perfor­mance reviews and budgets for sales campaigns, adver­tising measures and media mix. You can identify successful product features, uncover gaps in the product range, shed light on your product port­folio and examine external data on market potential and shares.

Sales and e-commerce.

Analysis, planning and reporting of sales data and evalu­ations of the online store are essential for the manage­ment of the entire company. Among other things, Bissantz enables contri­bution margin calculations, plan/actual compa­risons and variance analyses. Using our planning functions, you can create sales- and the resulting production plans, check the suitability of the current planning proce­dures in case of excessive stock levels and simulate the effects of modified order limits.

After sales and service.

Clear reporting and AI-supported analyses of service data from Salesforce and other data sources support you in ensuring long-term customer satis­faction. This allows you to plan capacities in the service area, decide on provi­sions for warranty and good­will cases as well as criteria for good­will. You receive insight into the training require­ments of customer service personnel, derive speci­fi­cations for documen­tation and design, for product improve­ments and new develop­ments or manage the deploy­ment of maintenance technicians.

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