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Microsoft SQL Server.

Powerful and cost-efficient: AI-supported data integration and business intelligence applications with Bissantz.

  • highly automated integration and application development

  • data preparation in line with business logic

  • proven standards from data integration to data visualization

  • improved data quality thanks to integrated error and performance analyses

  • easy access to business intelligence suitable for specialist users

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More automation, less effort.

AI-supported tools fro efficient projects with Microsoft SQL server.

The foundation for planning, analysis and reporting is the data ware­house. It links data from different systems, ensures perfor­mance even with large volumes of data, guaran­tees data quality and controls access autho­ri­zations. Microsoft SQL Server is widely used as a data plat­form for this. We have deve­loped tools with which we can make your data accessible and prepare it for specialist users, regard­less of whether you already manage your data with Microsoft SQL Server or want to set up your data ware­house for the first time.

Microsoft SQL Server is our first choice for data inte­gration projects and the develop­ment of business intelli­gence appli­cations. The plat­form offers inter­faces to all common data sources and a flexible selection of data storage: depending on your require­ments, we develop your data ware­house relationally, multi­dimen­sionally (OLAP) or hybrid. Thanks to integrated autho­rization manage­ment, you can manage the access to your data so that specialist users receive exactly the infor­mation they need and can use it for planning, analysis and reporting.

Market leaders and hidden champions trust us.

DeltaMaster ETL.

In the so-called ETL process (extraction, transfor­mation, loading), data is retrieved from various data sources, harmonized and made available. DeltaMaster ETL is a collection of intelligent best-practice procedures that can almost completely automate this tedious task. The AI-supported soft­ware helps to build models and transfor­mation procedures in a quick, stand­ardized way and ensures that everything remains easy to maintain, even if the requirements – or the BI team – change.

Bissantz Application Designer.

With our Application Designer, among other things, relational input appli­cations based on Microsoft SQL Server can be set up efficiently and conveniently: It auto­matically generates all the necessary data­base objects, which are immediately available for further processing. This allows you to set up planning appli­cations in record time and create tailored operational appli­cations, for example for data mainte­nance, knowledge and project manage­ment or for the control of internal workflows.


DeltaMaster is a front-end based directly on Microsoft SQL Server/Analysis Services. This provides power users in controlling and in specialist depart­ments with a valuable tool for data mining, ad-hoc analyses, planning input, simulation and for designing the controlling land­scape and planning work­flow. Integrated AI modules ensure a high degree of auto­mation: standard reports for success moni­toring, variance analysis and fore­casts, that every company needs, are created in just a few minutes.

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