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Power BI.

Your upgrade for more effective analyses and comprehensive planning: With DeltaMaster, you can start exactly where Power BI reaches its limits.

  • short implementation times

  • universal data mining

  • business logic

  • mobile reporting

  • award-winning support

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Power BI – better with Bissantz.

Reporting, analysis and planning in one front-end – faster, more automated and more effective.

With Power BI, Microsoft has created a basic tool for business intelli­gence tasks that many data analysts and controllers know. Power BI users can merge, analyze and visualize data from various sources and create dash­boards and reports manually. This can be achieved faster, better and, above all, in a more auto­mated way: with Bissantz.

Bissantz reads data from Power BI, provides guidance in building reports and syste­matically navigates users through business analyses. The soft­ware is more than just a BI tool: it is a compre­hensive business intelli­gence solution that closes gaps and enables new appli­cations. In fact, Bissantz starts where Power BI reaches its limits: with planning, visuali­zation and AI-based automation.

Market leaders and hidden champions trust us.

Analytical reporting.

Reporting that stimulates action: Based on universal stan­dards for reports and analyses, DeltaMaster provides signals that convey deviation and control infor­mation faster and more clearly than ever before.­

Integrated planning.

What Power BI cannot do, Bissantz has mastered for a long time: plan­ning, simu­lating, projec­ting, as well as entering, changing and saving data. This makes Power BI data more dynamic and contri­butes to shaping the future.

Clear visualization.

Simple, but by no means self-evident – as a matter of principle: large values in large, small values in small, only red and blue in inten­sities, no yellow, no green. This draws the eye to what really matters.

More performance, less effort.

Our architecture enables the integration of all relevant systems – quickly and easily.

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