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Bissantz software shows deviations and control information in reports faster and clearer than ever before.

  • interactive report formats

  • clear visualization and unambiguous signals

  • automated report distribution

  • close integration with planning and analysis in one interface

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Look, see, do!

Reporting that gives impulses for action – unambiguous, clear and precise.

The impact of Business Intelli­gence comes down to the last meters: All the effort of collec­ting, storing and proces­sing data is wasted if reports are not read, not under­stood or not acted upon. The con­ditions for human percep­tion are complex – but not as indi­vidual as one might think.

You can adapt to the simi­larities and use them to design infor­mation sys­tems. That’s what we did! Based on universal stand­ards for reports and anal­yses, the action signals are easy to under­stand and clear – on the desk­top as well as on the smart­phone.

Market leaders and hidden champions trust us.

Ad hoc analyses in the report.

The most important business mana­ge­ment questions can be ans­wered inter­actively and directly in standard reports, for example by drilling down into the depth of the data or zooming into detailed infor­mation. This allows you to examine how devi­ations and changes can be explained or how key figures have deve­loped over time.

Graphical tables.

Graphical tables are the most important report format in DeltaMaster: Graphical ele­ments can be embedded in the cells of pivot tables, for example bars and spark­lines. They visualize, for example, the propor­tions of values or the develop­ment over time and direct the user’s attention. We also transfer the basic prin­ciples of this visuali­zation to mobile reporting.

Projections, kiosks, control stations.

Effective reporting does not have to be limited to the screens of smart­phones, lap­tops and PCs. Bissantz trans­fers KPIs and dash­boards to kiosk systems and control stations or throws key figures as a floor projection in front of employees’ feet on their way to the work­space. Data and appli­cations can be made avail­able centrally and used online or offline, even where little or no inter­action is desired or possible.

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