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Media Markt.

Bissantz soft­ware is an indis­pen­sable tool for Media Markt Switzer­land’s specia­list depart­ments – among other things because of its clear stan­dards for report creation and its user-friendliness.

  • independent analyses by employees in the specialist departments

  • detailed drill-down from macro to micro level

  • visualization of query results in graphical tables

  • utilization of DeltaMaster as a planning environment

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Bissantz Case Study Mediamarkt Schweiz

BI solution for local analysis requirements.

Central criteria on the path to self-service BI.

Harald Huber, Head of Accounting and Controlling at Media Markt Manage­ment AG, Switzer­land, was faced with the challenge of ana­lyzing data from the newly opened online store in 2011: „Within the Group, we use a centra­lized manage­ment infor­mation system based on SAP BW. Our online store, however, is managed decen­trally in Switzer­land. I had no way of inte­gra­ting the online store data into the MIS. To depict local analysis require­ments and for planning, we had previ­ously used a multi­di­men­sional data­base into which we trans­ferred data from SAP BW. However, this solution was tech­no­lo­gically outdated and unsuitable, parti­cularly consi­dering the large amount of data expected from the online store.

SAP was also ruled out, as although its perfor­mance would have been suitable, SAP is too complex for us to use. We there­fore opted for the local use of business intelli­gence software.“

The following criteria were parti­cu­larly important to Huber: the open­ness of the system so that future require­ments could be easily imple­mented, clear stan­dards for report creation, ease of use, auto­mation even of complex reporting require­ments during creation and distri­bution, and a short imple­men­tation phase. He also valued a modern report design with clear signals.

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