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SAP HANA is SAP’s strategic data platform. It is considered high performing and powerful – so powerful that it quickly becomes complex and cumbersome. Our solutions ensure clarity and efficiency in planning, analysis and reporting.

  • clear visualization principles draw the eye to what is important

  • ready for productive use after just two days

  • neatly structured and modeled data in just a few steps

  • individual addition of further data sources and applications

  • useable for all departments, even without IT

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SAP HANA – better with Bissantz.

Reporting, analysis and planning in one front-end – faster, more automated and more effective.

SAP HANA is a database and soft­ware plat­form in one. It forms the basis for the Business Suite 4 SAP HANA, or S/4HANA for short, one of SAP’s most well-known and most widely used appli­cations for companies. SAP HANA processes large volumes of data in real time, providing a rich data source for business intelli­gence. By developing DeltaMaster, Bissantz has created a connectable standard solution that enables SAP data to be accessed easily and non-SAP data to be integrated seamlessly.

This gives you a compre­hensive business intelligence system and makes your data from S/4HANA and other appli­cations for planning, analysis and reporting accessible. As a front-end, DeltaMaster directly accesses HANA using the standard inter­faces provided by SAP – meaning that no additional data storage is required, and no special connectors are needed.

Market leaders and hidden champions trust us.

Integrated AI modules.

Bissantz showcases the possi­bilities of AI-based data ware­house modeling. As standar­dized as possible, as individual as necessary, a fully packaged business intelli­gence system is created very quickly – with all necessary proces­sing steps, all the way to auto­matic data supply to mobile devices.­

Patented visualizations.

For business data to be recorded and evaluated correctly, clear signals that make infor­mation intuitively under­stand­able are required. Therefore, data visuali­zation in DeltaMaster follows clear principles. The two-color logic used is easy to decipher, the typo­gra­phically scaled numbers (Bissantz’Numbers) direct the eye precisely to the most important values: the larger the value, the larger the number.­

Analytical reporting.

All the effort of collecting, storing and processing data is wasted if reports are not under­stood and there­fore not acted upon. This is why reporting with Bissantz pro­vides clear impulses for action: based on universal stan­dards for reports and analyses, DeltaMaster conveys deviation and control infor­mation faster and clearer than ever before.

More performance, less effort.

Our architecture enables the integration of all relevant systems – quickly and easily.

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