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Business intelligence for all functions.

Business intelligence is often carried out in or for specialist departments. After all, this is where the small and large decisions that influence the company’s success are made on a daily basis. DeltaMaster can be used to create business management applications for every department.
Whether sales, accounting, finance, IT, production, logistics, purchasing, human resources, customer service, marketing or management – with DeltaMaster, everyone can see at a glance what is going on in their functional area and where action needs to be taken.

Personnel Controlling

Have employees been selected correctly and are they being deployed properly? Personnel controlling with Bissantz uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of personnel work. Our evaluations show where social management measures are necessary, where employee selection or the remuneration system needs to be adjusted.

Production Controlling

Are capacities fully utilized? Production controlling with Bissantz provides signals on the flow of production processes, the deadline situation, throughput time, quality and productivity. Our evaluations show the causes of any disruptions and provide information on measures for system maintenance.


Marketing Controlling

What advertising expenditure can we save? Marketing controlling with Bissantz sets itself the task of providing information on the effectiveness of marketing measures, whereby the costs can be determined directly, but the success attributable to turnover and company value can only be determined indirectly.

Logistics Controlling

Are deliveries fast and on time, is the vehicle fleet fully occupied? Controlling shipping and logistics with Bissantz shows whether customers are satisfied with short throughput times and error-free delivery and how you are rated as a supplier by industrial customers.

Warehouse Controlling

Delivering instead of storing? Warehouse and inventory controlling with Bissantz shows the quality of order scheduling and warehouse management. Our evaluations show the stock development by quantity and value and highlight anomalies in storage costs, storage space utilization, turnover time, stocking and order limits.

Sales Controlling

Do people love our products? Without sales success, everything else is nothing. Sales controlling with Bissantz reveals the strengths and weaknesses of sales work. Our evaluations examine incoming orders and invoicing and provide information on the structural and process organization in sales and distribution.

Purchasing Controlling

In no other area of the company can savings be made as quickly and effectively as in purchasing. The main purpose of purchasing controlling is therefore to disclose supplier relationships: Where can purchases be bundled, where should procurement be spread out more due to risk considerations?

Financial Controlling

Can you pay what you owe? Financial controlling with Bissantz protects companies and managers both internally and externally. Our evaluations establish the procedural link between the performance of the specialist departments and the effects on key financial parameters such as liquidity and capital costs.

Service Controlling

How do we eliminate errors, how do we help the customer immediately and economically? Service controlling with Bissantz shows which technical problems or customer requirements trigger a service and whether the existing service capacities are being used economically and effectively or whether capacity is lacking.


The accounting department provides the controlling department with values, primarily for contribution margin accounting. With so-called standard cost accounting, contribution margins are then available to sales controlling at all evaluation levels.

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Quickguide: Business Intelligence mit Bissantz