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Your company at a glance: With the DeltaApp, you always have the important company key figures with you – mobile, compact and easy to understand.

  • all key figures conveniently in the mobile dashboard

  • interactive analyses for all specialist departments (also offline)

  • clear visualization rules guide the eye to what is important

  • winner of the UX Design Award

  • intuitive operation via dragging, swiping and scrolling

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Always perfectly prepared.

For every meeting, for every question, for every decision.

Everything you need at your fingertips – quickly and conve­niently: Good decisions begin with your data. The better you understand your data, the better decisions you can make. The DeltaApp makes seeing and under­standing as easy as it should be and places your data where you can access it at any time: on your smartphone!

You can swipe and tap on your smart­phone to navigate through the data, analyse deviations and compare key figures – guided by unique visuali­zations that do not require diagrams. We call this „Haptic Reasoning” and have patented it.

Market leaders and hidden champions trust us.


The DeltaApp enables intuitive data navi­gation, variance analysis and com­parison of key figures. Intelli­gibility is ensured by AI heuristics, typo­graphic scaling and a simple two-color logic that directs your atten­tion to where it is needed. This turns numbers into action signals and helps accelerate decisions on what to do.


Bissantz makes business intelli­gence mobile and visualizes your data in the DeltaApp in a compact and under­stan­dable way. Time progres­sions and deve­lop­ments can be viewed in spark­lines. With just one swipe, you can switch between absolute and relative values, change perspec­tives or scroll vertically into the depths of your data. This allows you to get to the bottom of devia­tions and their causes anytime and anywhere.


The DeltaApp can handle all common data sources in your company – from Excel files and SQL server data­bases to SAP ERP systems. It processes simple statistics and lists as well as tables with trans­action and master data and multi­dimen­sional structures, OLAP cubes or data­base extracts. With our data service, you can have all kinds of key figures and structures on your smart­phone in an instant.­

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