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With Bissantz, Almatec creates clarity and transparency in order to identify potential for improving business processes.

  • short implementation time

  • standardized and automated reporting

  • high processing speed

  • independent maintenance of the data model

  • report building according to a modular system

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Case Study - Almatec

Working more efficiently with Business Intelligence.

Almatec reduces lead times with the help of DeltaMaster.

For Andreas Wüst, Commercial Director of the Almatec Group, trans­pa­rency is the most impor­tant prere­quisite for unco­vering potential for impro­ving business processes. Almatec has set itself the goal of working more efficiently – for example in terms of lead times in production. The contract manu­fac­turer deve­lops and produces enclo­sure systems using light metal techno­logy. Produc­tion is based on the make-to-order process: Once the order has been received from the customer, the enclosure is produced from scratch according to the customer’s require­ments. Less complex enclosures for indoor use are usually delivered within 24 hours,

Products for outdoor use have a lead time of approx. 3 weeks. “If we know exactly which enclosure size is sold most frequently, we can keep it in stock as a semi-finished product and thus reduce lead times,” Wüst explains. “Previously, we couldn’t gene­rate this infor­mation from our company data, or only with a signifi­cant amount of effort.” A business intelli­gence soft­ware that enables flexible analysis of ERP data was needed to provide greater clarity. Almatec opted for DeltaMaster from Bissantz. The decisive factors were the proces­sing speed and the flexibility in data processing.

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