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Thanks to DeltaMaster, VELUX Germany’s customer service has deve­loped into an active manage­ment infor­mation system that enables data-based business management.

  • interactive management information system

  • analysis of service volumes, key financial figures and lead times

  • self-service BI

  • data model with 230 basic key figures and over 100 dimensions

  • detailed analyses with the analysis chain technique

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Bissantz Case Study Velux

From service reporting to service controlling.

Utilizing expert knowledge with DeltaMaster.

For its technical customer service, VELUX Germany was looking for tools and tech­niques to obtain detailed infor­mation about internal processes and to better plan and track service orders. Initially, the company’s own data was analyzed using Excel. „How­ever, we quickly reached our limits there,“ recalls Soenke Stange, project manager and service controller at VELUX. A com­pre­hen­sive solution for analy­zing and reporting service data was to provide a remedy. This involved connecting various opera­tional upstream systems, such as e-mail and fax soft­ware for order accep­tance, SAP ERP, Click Schedule for resource and opera­tional planning as well as mobile systems and a damage regis­tration system for order processing on site. VELUX opted for DeltaMaster.

„Today, managers in customer service are able to inves­ti­gate ano­malies in their key figures directly and inde­pen­dently – without help from IT or controlling,“ the project manager says happily. „Expert know­ledge has been made avai­lable to everyone by linking key figures and charac­te­ristics in a data model.“ The data model comprises around 230 basic key figures and over 100 dimen­sions. The amount of data processed is impressive: around 10.6 million invoice data entries and 1.2 million data records on on-site customer service opera­tions are inte­grated. The data is summa­rized in Microsoft SQL Server, while DeltaMaster takes care of the analysis and reporting.

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