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Bucherer manages its national branches using DeltaMaster

Bucherer AG uses DeltaMaster for company management. Procurement, sales, and inventory planning are used to monitor and evaluate the product range and cost structure.

Bucherer is one of Europe’s largest watch and jewelry retailers. The long-standing company seeks to offer its international clients the most extensive range of Rolex watches and a broad selection of luxury watches  from other wellknown brands. In 2001, the Carl F. Bucherer company was founded to maintain the Bucherer family’s watchmaking tradition established in 1919. The Swiss-made watch brand is sold around the world.

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Bucherer’s jewelry product range centers on collections designed and produced at the company’s in-house studios and oneoff items featuring particularly rare natural- colored diamonds, unique gemstones, or highly sought-after pearls. Bucherer has around 1,600 employees.

The company has more than 60 retail outlets in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, and Denmark. Bucherer’s Paris branch is the world’s largestwatch and jewelry store. The group also includes the jewelers KURZ  AG and SWISS LION AG plus various brand-name boutiques.

New business intelligence solution improves company management

As Bucherer AG grew, so too did the volume of data within the company. Different source systems, databases, and query tools made the evaluation of key figures extremely time-consuming and complex. IT employees were under pressure and had to create evaluations with all kinds of different characteristics. Generating consistent reports and key figures was a challenging task. Employees in Controlling, branch managers, and sales representatives wanted more autonomy when it came to designing and querying  corporate key figures. Following a detailed evaluation of a new business intelligence solution, the company opted for DeltaMaster with PIT Informationssysteme AG as the implementation partner. The option of an integrated planning solution was already taken into account when the multidimensional data model was designed. The basic data is provided by the ProConcept ERP solution, which is based on an Oracle database. It is stored in a high-performance Microsoft SQL Server database and enriched with additional information such as product structures if required. State-of-theart hardware ensures good response times even for more complex analyses and queries. The first standard reports were generated soon after the project began. Reports are now prepared and distributed in a highly automated manner.

In the Controlling department, power users were trained to maintain the reporting system independently and now make adjustments to reports, dashboards, and key figures by themselves.

In addition to the evaluation of revenue and contribution margin figures, a planning solution was soon implemented. The initial planning was con­ducted in line with the existing process at Bucherer AG. DeltaMaster pro­v­ides key support for the plan­ning process, as the system uses defined projections to propose planned figures based on historical values. The planning year is also projected by DeltaMaster on the basis of forecasts made during the current fiscal year. Distribution mechanisms help to dis­tribute mass changes at account group level to the individual accounts.

The Procurement department is currently also planning target inventory levels, allowing inventory turnover and procurement orders to be planned and controlled.

New management reports were developed in the next stage. The man­age­ment can respond to any notable developments by drilling down to branch and item level at all times.

“DeltaMaster can be adapted perfectly to fit the Bucherer Group’s growing demands. The support from PIT Informationssysteme AG is outstanding.”

Bucherer Group Project and Financial Management

DeltaMaster creates value added

The project manager and the CFO appreciate the value added created by DeltaMaster. Data contamination in upstream ystems has been removed, the reports are uniform and can be read quickly and reliably by all con­cerned. This has significantly reduced the turnaround time for the annual planning process. Sameday data can be used for meetings using a wide range of output devices, and employees have the most important  in­for­mation at their fingertips even when traveling.

Future use

Additional data sources, such as the consolidation solution, will be gradually integrated into the system. This will create an information landscape that can be optimally analyzed and reported on using DeltaMaster’s special vi­su­al­iza­tion methods. Software features such as gate, ticker, and kiosk can be used to present figures for plan­ning processes or controlling meetings in an impressive and extremely compact manner.

Additional references

DeltaMaster is used by SMEs and large companies across a wide range of industries. Customers using DeltaMaster to map branch structures include Denner, Media Markt, Privera, and Vögele Shoes.


  • Revenue and cost planning
  • Revenue analysis down to product level
  • Online management reporting
  • Procurement planning
  • Stock turnover controlling
  • Mobile analysis and evaluation

Bucherer AG

  • One of the largest watch and jewelry suppliers in Europe
  • Offers the most comrehensive selection of Rolex watches and a wide range of luxury watches from other well-known brands
  • Employs around 1,600 people
  • Over 60 sales outlets in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Denmark

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