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Our partner program

Stronger together

Our partner program contains various different performance packages that we have assembled to suit the type of partnership you require. For example, in the context of the program we can provide you with product licenses for sales and demonstration purposes that you can also use for first-level support.

Partner levels

As part of our partner program, we offer various different partner levels that our partners can achieve. These levels differ in terms of the services provided by the partner and by Bissantz. You are welcome to contact us for more information on the levels and the service range.

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Bissantz Bild
Bissantz Bild

What our partners are saying

“We are regarded as the best on the market for specialist software for purchasing controlling. So we also wanted to work with the best when it comes to the analysis and reporting front-end. And for us, that is definitely DeltaMaster.”

Michael Lauer, Managing Director, Orpheus GmbH

“The special thing about the partnership with Bissantz is the short communication channels. The transfer of expertise also works very well. Furthermore, we work hand in hand with the Bissantz sales team in the best sense of integrated sales.”

Michael Lauer, Managing Director, Orpheus GmbH

“Our sales colleagues only have good things to say about working with Bissantz. My colleagues find it to be an extremely fair and collaborative partnership, especially with regard to customers.”

Marco Becker, Management, avantum consult

“My personal highlight is the cooperation. Whether in sales, support or product development, everything works hand in hand with a pronounced goal orientation and no complications.”

Marco Becker, Management, avantum consult

“I never fail to be impressed by the professional attitude of all of the employees and the incredibly high standard of support. Bissantz’s vision, the mission it embodies, and its scientifically based visualizations easily set it apart from the unsystematic approach of the competition.”

Dr. Henri Lüdeke, Managing Director, iwb - Immobilienwirtschaftliche Beratung

“The partnership with Bissantz is an active one. It is more than just a manufacturer–reseller relationship. This can be seen from the way in which customer preferences are integrated into product development, the support we receive at trade fairs, and how we arrange joint webinars or exchange speakers for events.”

Arne Schnabel, Managing Director, PHOEBUS IT Consulting

“The cooperation with partner management is uncomplicated and very personal. We can see that things are happening. And events such as the BarCamp for partners also show that there is an active partner community.”

Dr. Andreas Dietrich, Business Development Management, PRODATO

“The partnership with Bissantz means we can count on complete support when it comes to mastering technical challenges in our projects. Always at great speed and without complication.”

Daniel Althoff, Managing Director, AHAG Unternehmensberatung

“Even in the first days of the project, the business departments were able to access and actively help to design productive draft reports.”

Marcus Kresin, Group CIO, INTRO Group

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