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DeltaMaster for planning

Success should not be left to chance

We cannot predict the future, but not having a plan means leaving the future to chance – or to the competition. Plans provide orientation for a company’s actions. They provide benchmarks and are often needed to obtain budgets or win investors. Specific planning tailored to the company’s goals and strategy is a key factor for success.

This is why many companies rely on DeltaMaster in their operational and strategic planning. Some of them are already familiar with DeltaMaster from reporting and analysis, whereas for others, planning comes first.

  • Bottom-up and top-down planning, counterflow process
  • Custom scenarios, e.g. budget, actuals, best case, worst case, forecast
  • Data input at cell or aggregated level
  • Proportional distribution of changes in values (splashing)
  • Multi-tiered cell comments
  • Authorization concept
  • Multidimensional real-time analysis, e.g. target-actual or target-target comparisons
  • Drag and drop to copy data, e.g. based on prior-year developments
  • Offline planning

DeltaMaster was extensively presented in the BARC user survey “The Planning Survey 17”, and the results were impressive. DeltaMaster achieved first place in its peer group of development-oriented planning solutions in no fewer than five categories – customer satisfaction, project success, vendor support, implementer support, and self-service.

Development-oriented planning solution

For the purposes of comparison with other providers and products, BARC assigned DeltaMaster to the group of development-oriented planning solutions. Michael Westphal, Managing Director and Head of Consulting at Bissantz, agrees with this positioning: “Planning solutions with DeltaMaster are based on a customer-specific and application-specific data model. Within the respective project, we work with the customer to develop this model on the basis of a standard process model, a standard modeling approach, and a standard tool: DeltaMaster ETL. All of these standards help us to create a customized solution.”

Best for self-service

The self-service category reflects the extent to which end-user departments are able to develop planning applications themselves with little or no IT support and how easy it is for planners to use these applications. DeltaMaster outperformed every other product in its peer group of development-oriented planning solutions in this respect.

Planning in various areas of application

Michael Nordhausen, Sales Director at Bissantz: “Many customers start by using DeltaMaster for reporting and analysis and subsequently benefit from being able to use the same tool for planning. For a growing number of customers, however, planning comes first. We are especially pleased that our customers have delivered this affirmation of their healthy cooperation with our partners and with us.”

Customers use DeltaMaster for tasks including revenue, sales, and price planning, budget and investment planning, and cost and cost center planning. DeltaMaster is also used for monthly rolling forecasts and industry-specific tasks such as campaign and advertising planning in publishing, yield planning in the real estate sector, or collection planning in the fashion industry. The Controlling team typically manages the planning process at the company’s units, defines permissions, monitors progress, and approves planning statuses on a centralized basis.

High customer satisfaction

The successful teamwork with Bissantz’s consultants and partners is underlined by the first places achieved in the categories of vendor support and implementer support for development-oriented planning solutions. These criteria feed into overall customer satisfaction alongside factors such as price-to-value and product satisfaction. DeltaMaster users reported extremely positive experiences in these areas, helping DeltaMaster to achieve first place in its peer group in terms of customer satisfaction.

The project success category reflects how satisfied users and administrators are with project implementation and, in particular, whether the planning projects were completed on time and on budget. DeltaMaster again achieved first place in this category in its peer group of development-oriented planning solutions. The BARC analysts attributed this to DeltaMaster’s versatility and flexibility as well as to the experience of Bissantz’s consultants and partners, who play an important role in successful project implementation.

Planning for all functions and industries

Planning solutions with DeltaMaster are based on a customer-specific and application-specific data model. Within the respective project, we work with the customer to develop this model on the basis of a standard process model, a standard modeling approach, and a standard tool: DeltaMaster. All of these standards help us to create a customized solution that is precisely tailored to the requirements of the respective department or industry.

  • P&L planning
  • Target-actual development
  • Sales planning
  • Distribution planning
  • Revenue planning
  • Gross margin planning
  • Procurement planning
  • Budget planning
  • Cost center planning
  • Campaign and advertising planning (media, publishing houses)
  • Yield planning (real estate)
  • Collection planning (fashion)
  • and much more besides

DeltaMaster’s integrated planning functions close the control loop of planning, analysis, and reporting. Planning with DeltaMaster begins with the reports that are familiar from reporting. This makes it easier to get started and helps to ensure acceptance. Planned values are stored in a suitable database for the respective task: multidimensional (OLAP), relational, or hybrid; centralized or decentralized; online or offline.

This means the planned values are immediately available for projections, simulations, and what-if analyses – and users receive immediate feedback on the business consequences of their planning. The status of planning in the various organizational units can even be displayed in the dashboard.

Incidentally, the same functions and automated features are also suitable for master data maintenance and recording operational processes.

What DeltaMaster customers are saying

“DeltaMaster is the magic wand that materializes the value of data for the business to end users.”

Gerry Garcia, CEO, Ritter Dragon

“DeltaMaster already offers a lot of analysis options by default, so reports can be generated quickly.”

Thomas Schenkirsch, CFO, Aebi Schmidt

“This software solution allows the company’s entire marketing activities to be monitored.”

Ralf Vollert, Director Sales Control, Bauer Media Group

“Even in the first days of the project, the business departments were able to access and actively help to design productive draft reports.”

Marcus Kresin, Group CIO, INTRO Group

“We are impressed by DeltaMaster’s flexibility and the scope of its functions.”

Ursula Mergenhagen, IT projects, VELUX

“The DeltaMaster customers I talk to are impressed and thrilled by what they can achieve using the tool.”

Dr. Michael Seitz, Managing Consultant, PRODATO

“We chose DeltaMaster because it presents business results in such an elegant and assertive way!”

Gerry Garcia, CEO, Ritter Dragon

“Bissantz requires its software to be used correctly – and with good reason.”

Uli Drautz, Head of Group Controlling, Bechtle

“Sharpness and being able to zoom into the details are important not only in photography, but also in global controlling here at Leica Camera AG.”

Volker Hagemann, Head of Controlling, Leica

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