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Service Controlling:Analysis, planning and reporting

Bissantz is software for business intelligence in all functions.

Bissantz ist Software für Business Intelligence – Analyse, Planung und Reporting im Kundendienstcontrolling
Service Controlling

How do we turn off errors, how do we help the customer immediately and economically? Service controlling (customer service controlling) with Bissantz shows which technical problems or customer requirements trigger a service and whether the existing service capacities are used economically and effectively or capacity is missing. Our product-, process-, customer- and process-oriented evaluations provide indications of common technical causes of various defects, error-prone work steps, excessive machine tolerances, insufficiently trained operating personnel, inadequate incoming goods inspection or missing or insufficient product characteristics. By the way: We are a long-standing sponsor of the KVD (Customer Service Association of Germany) and also help to promote the idea of service in this way.

Market leaders rely onBissantz.

In customer service controlling and for all other functions.

Business Intelligencefor service controlling.

Analytics and dashboarding seamlessly connected.

We have cast the best practice for analysis, planning and reporting in customer service controlling and other corporate functions into software. Evaluation, display, and operation are based on universal principles of how humans perceive and process numbers and graphics.

Our reports for customer service controlling and all other departments are understood more quickly. Our software is easier to use. Key figure overviews and root cause analysis are seamlessly linked. Our processes are award-winning and patented.

Variance analysis

Automated calculation of relative, absolute and cumulative variances for service controlling.

Root cause analysis

Automated resolution of key figure values according to causing and compensating elements.

Trend detection

Automated calculation of historical and prognostic values for service controlling.


Automated selection of graphic type, graphic placement, scaling and coloring.

Early warning

Automatic threshold and event-driven exception alerts and reports (Exception Reporting).

Ease of use

Automated standardization and assignment of names, signs, color codes, number scaling, etc.

What taskssupports Bissantz?

Analysis, planning and reporting in service controlling.

All – and on principle: Because our logic for evaluation and presentation is universally valid. Our customers use our software for all typical tasks in service controlling (customer service controlling). They plan the capacities in the service area, decide on provisions for warranty and goodwill cases, the goodwill criteria, training and further education measures for the customer service staff, derive specifications for the

documentation and design, product improvements and new developments and control the deployment of maintenance technicians.

At our customers, the standardized evaluations and visualizations of our software are used in service controlling for many other topics. These include:

  • Backlog management

  • Repair processing

  • Resource and deployment planning

  • Ticket management

  • Warehouse Management

  • Warranty processing

  • Workshop control

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What key figuressupports Bissantz?

Analysis, planning and reporting in service controlling.

All – as a matter of principle: The key figures in service controlling and all other functions are not the by-product of the operational upstream systems, but are created in a multi-stage process. They are agreed upon, and then they are implemented.

Data from various tables is merged, filtered and summarized. We have automated the necessary steps for this with our software. This allows you to generate exactly the key figures you need – for example:

  • Complaints

  • Complaints

  • Customer importance

  • Damage amount

  • Demurrage

  • First-time fix rate

  • Frequencies

  • Goodwill

  • Lead time

  • On-time delivery

  • Parking hours

  • Processing times

  • Productivity per employee

  • Quantity

  • Repairs

  • Return rate

  • Revenue per service technician

  • Service costs

  • Time required

  • Type and number of tickets

  • Warranty service

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What perspectivesmasters Bissantz?

Analysis, planning and reporting in service controlling.

All – as a matter of principle: The key figures in service controlling are all the more valuable the more characteristics are available for their analysis. Our evaluation logic for service controlling and all other functions is therefore always multi-dimensional, because it is precisely these

Characteristics, often structured in hierarchies, which provide indications of possible causes or act as control levers.

These features are typical for service controlling:

  • Customer Service Center

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Customer

  • Damage type

  • Disposal company

  • Locations

  • Material

  • Product

  • Sources of error

  • technical features

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What data sourcesknows Bissantz?

Analysis, planning and reporting for service controlling.

All – as a matter of principle: The key figures for service controlling and all other functions are usually fed from several databases. We query them via standard interfaces,

cleanse and combine them and prepare them as required for analysis, planning and reporting. Sources for service controlling include, for example:

  • Accounts Receivable

  • CAQ

  • Complaint management

  • Damage registration systems

  • Deployment planning

  • ERP systems

  • Issue of credit note

  • Order acceptance

  • Problem Management System

  • Resource planning

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How our customers in service controllingbenefit from Bissantz.

Analysis, planning and reporting in customer single controlling.


At VELUX, the world’s largest manufacturer of roof windows, DeltaMaster is used in customer service. Performance quantities, financial key figures, throughput times and process quality are analyzed. The data model comprises 230 basic key figures and over 100 dimensions. VELUX benefits in particular from the ability of employees to call up detailed information on internal processes in a self-service process. In addition, service orders can be better planned and tracked.


Daimler AG uses DeltaMaster to manage the service and spare parts business of around 5,700 service locations worldwide. In particular, the automaker analyzes sales and customer group developments as well as the level of warranty coverage. With the introduction of DeltaMaster, the number of reports required has been reduced from 70 to 15. In addition, Daimler is now able to map all key performance indicators and get to the bottom of content-related issues with just a few clicks.


NORMA Group, a manufacturer of fastening and fixing technology, uses DeltaMaster to monitor internal service provision in order to maintain an overview of technical and time-related problems at all times and to identify potential for improvement. Help desks in Germany, Poland and the USA use the DeltaMaster Kiosk presentation platform to obtain information on the number and type of tickets and the processing status. The newly gained transparency has also enabled NORMA to significantly reduce the number of backlogs.

One software,many success stories.