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In den Interviews kommen unsere Kunden aus unterschiedlichen Branchen und unsere Partner zu Wort. Erfahren Sie, was Sie über unsere Company und unseren Produkten denken.

Mit unseren Kunden

VELUX Mergenhagen Interview

Bei VELUX ist die Business-Intelligence-Lösung DeltaMaster ist seit Jahren im Einsatz, mit einem Schwerpunkt im technischen Kundendienst. Dieser analysiert mit DeltaMaster nicht nur finanzielle Kennzahlen, sondern auch etwa Leistungsmengen, Durchlaufzeiten und die Prozessqualität.

Buerkert Jungmann Interview

Seit acht Jahren ist die Business-Intelligence-Lösung DeltaMaster bei Bürkert unternehmensweit im Einsatz. Neben dem Controlling in Vertrieb, Einkauf und Finanzbereich zählt auch das Pricing Reporting zu den Einsatzschwerpunkten von DeltaMaster.

Linxens Stuewe Interview

Bei Linxens nutzt man die Business-Intelligence-Lösung DeltaMaster für ein umfangreiches Finanzreporting, von der Kostenstellenanalyse bis hin zur Ergebnis- und Rentabilitätsrechnung. Daneben wird DeltaMaster im Vertrieb sowie in der Produktion und im Einkauf eingesetzt.

VELUX Mergenhagen Interview
At VELUX, the business intelligence solution DeltaMaster has been in use for years, with a focus on technical customer service. With DeltaMaster, this not only analyzes financial key figures, but also performance quantities, throughput times and process quality.

Buerkert Jungmann Interview

The business intelligence solution DeltaMaster has been in use at Bürkert company-wide for eight years. In addition to controlling in sales, purchasing and finance, pricing reporting is also one of DeltaMaster’s main areas of application.

DeltaMaster partners

BBT Grunow Interview

Our partner BBT Group is the leading consulting company for municipal and cooperative housing companies in the Berlin and Brandenburg area. BBT is so convinced by DeltaMaster and DeltaApp that it can make “data treasures” visible that were previously hidden in the data systems of BBT customers.

Schnabel, Phoebus Interview

Our partner PHOEBUS IT Consulting creates a powerful controlling platform for analysts, report recipients and producers through its core competence. PHOEBUS IT specializes primarily in solutions for the healthcare industry and has focused its core business and knowledge growth on this industry.

As our partner, the INTRO Group particularly appreciates the very fast implementation speed and the consolidated reporting system, which is available within a few days, of our business intelligence solution DeltaMaster. For more than ten years, the INTRO Group has been working with us to develop solutions for complex reporting and planning issues.

Since 2013, AHAG from Münster has been converting data into decision-relevant knowledge with the business intelligence solution DeltaMaster. AHAG’s professional background as engineers, controllers, managers and computer scientists, coupled with sound BI know-how, makes it a competent partner in the areas of SCM and contribution margin offensive for manufacturing and trading companies.

Dr. Jörg Dittrich, Orpheus Interview

Our partner Orpheus specializes in the development of software for purchasing controlling and strategic purchasing and has thus become the leading provider of procurement intelligence solutions. Orpheus has been using DeltaMaster as its analysis and reporting front-end for its Spend Management System SpendControl since 2005.


Our partner PRODATO is specialized in connecting the business intelligence solution DeltaMaster to SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW. In addition, it offers comprehensive consulting in the areas of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Big Data Analytics.

Our partner iwb Immobilienwirtschaftliche Beratung from Braunschweig sees the decisive added value of our business intelligence solution DeltaMaster in the modeling and visualization strength of the software. For more than 25 years, iwb has been one of the leading consulting firms in the real estate industry in Germany.