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Interview with INTRO Group

“How DeltaMaster converts data into information and recommendations for action is unique.”

Marcus Kresin, INTRO Group

Why Partner of Bissantz?

Our partnership has started more than 10 years ago. At that time, we had been a Bissantz customer at our trading company Wöhrl. We were looking for an enterprise software solution for reporting and planning. That’s how we started implementing DeltaMaster into the company. It ended up being very successful. Therefore, over the years we have become a loyal customer and fan of the product. It worked so well that we decided to implement DeltaMaster also in other company holdings. We went from the position of loyal customers to partners, as other external companies addressed us and asked whether we could implement our BI solutions in their companies as well. That is how our partnership had started and from now on, we will take a common path.

How do you experience partnership with Bissantz?

Bissantz and INTRO have in common that we are two Franconian companies which aren’t present in everyday’s first page newspaper, but we manage to make things work – by motivating people to act. It is also the spirit of our projects which connects us! Both, in our trade and aviation sector, we are fully aware of the importance of these topics. The same happens at Bissantz: The employees are passionate about their product and they are willing to develop solutions together with us. Our partnership is not just about the trade of a BI tool, but also about a good teamwork when it comes to finding optimal solutions for the challenges our customers deal with.

What fascinates you about

What we find most inspiring about it, is the unique way in which DeltaMaster makes it possible to transform data into relevant information and guidelines. Moreover, DeltaMaster offers Analytical Tables that enables our users during reporting to see very clearly what’s coming next. Besides reporting, we are also fascinated about the planning functions. We have the possibility to introduce analytical reporting to people, especially the topic of planning within a single tool.

Your unique experience with

The decisive factor for us is the implementation speed. As a holding company, we are part of the business consulting sector and one of our main topics is the company reorganization. In other words, we often have very little time to put things into practice and it is extremely important for us to gain a quick insight into what actually happens in the company. Therefore, DeltaMaster represents a very useful tool that has an incredible implementation speed. Thanks to DeltaMaster we can gain insight within a few days and provide consolidated reports. Classic Cycles that took us weeks or months are already in the past. Talking about our projects, it often happens that we work with companies that need to be restructured. We only have a few months to help them reorganizing. DeltaMaster was a great support in many cases because we were able to gain insight very quickly and we could give precise instructions for action. Therefore, we could notice if our instructions and process changes have been successful.

“Amazing fast implementation speed!”

Marcus Kresin, INTRO Group

Your highlight?

What keeps me excited about DeltaMaster is that it isn’t a typical IT project. Controlling, finance and IT are all together part of a project.

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