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Bissantz Bixel

Interview with Orpheus

“Performance, usability, analytical flexibility – it’s a pleasure to work with DeltaMaster.”

Dr. Jörg Dittrich, Orpheus

Why Bissantz?

I know Dr. Bissantz from joint research days at the university. When we had ever higher analytical requirements in our purchasing projects, we were looking for software that would not only cover reporting, but also real data analysis and functions in the data science environment. We found them in DeltaMaster and are so far highly satisfied with this decision.

How do you experience partnership with Bissantz?

As there are several aspects, I would like to highlight three of them. First of all, it is the employees of Bissantz. They really take care of us and they react fast if there are any issues. Further, there is the flexibility – even from the management department – in combination with special pricing models. Eventually I would like to highlight, that there are even situations with customers where it is necessary to arrange each other which approach would be suitable. This has worked out without any problems so far and is very important in every partnership.

“We recommend DeltaMaster to all of our customers.”

Dr. Jörg Dittrich, Orpheus

What fascinates you about
DeltaMaster and the DeltaApp?

At Orpheus, we have the most customers in the group environment. There are also some installations for medium-sized companies, but in most cases we need analytical tools that can handle real mass data with good performance on the one hand, and on the other hand our customers have to be enthusiastic about the usability because they have to work with the software. The third point is analytical flexibility. This is extremely important for the data scientists who use the system. Overall, we observe that the last two points are becoming increasingly important. The customer wants to work easily and intuitively with the software and use all possibilities in analytical terms. That’s a huge added value and that’s why people like to work with DeltaMaster. I think other providers are dropping out. In most cases, they are too rigid or complex to operate, or they have too many features and visualizations that you can hardly keep track of at the end of the day.

When do you recommend

DeltaMaster is an integral part of our software SpendControl, our analysis and controlling user interface for procurement data. It is a front-end for the procurement controllers who are our customers – therefore we recommend DeltaMaster to all of our customers.

Your key experiences with customers?

Most of our group customers already have a data warehouse application in use (for example SAP BW) with various front-ends that are used. And in most cases, it is the fact that customers only work rudimentarily analytical. They are already happy if only one Pivot Table is compiled. Therefore, they are usually extremely enthusiastic when, for example, they can walk through a pre-defined analysis chain in DeltaMaster and carry out deep analyses that they have never seen before.

Your highlight?

Personally, and as managing director of Orpheus, my primary highlight is that Bissantz and we simply are on good terms. Both companies are at the forefront – technically and in practice – and it is simply fun to work together. This also ensures that you can always show your customers new functional highlights, and so you remain attractive for the customers. In a nutshell: the innovative power, the ideas – these are my personal highlights in the collaboration.

Partner Award?

Thank you very much for presenting us with the Partner Award! At Orpheus we are very pleased – even with the background that we have been working together with Bissantz for many years. We started out from a personal acquaintance with Nicolas Bissantz. Over the years customers and projects became bigger and bigger. Therefore, we are very pleased that this is now culminating in the Partner Award. Thanks again! We hope that as our business grows, we will further intensify our corporation.

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