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Interview with PRODATO

“There is no other product follows such a clear policy and implement its philosophy in such a consequent way.”

Dr. Michael Seitz, PRODATO

Why Partner of Bissantz?

I already know DeltaMaster from my student time at the WiSo University, Nuremberg. In the end it was just a gut feeling when we, PRODATO and Bissantz, met at an event in Würzburg. During the interview, we quickly came up with the topic of SAP and whether DeltaMaster could do the same. And then the whole thing started rolling. We took a closer look at DeltaMaster in this combination and, finally, it turned out that through the partnership with Bissantz we can sensibly complement our BI portfolio and offer a nice alternative or supplement in the SAP front-end environment.

How do you experience the
partnership with Bissantz?

As a partner in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg we are benefiting from short and direct ways. The collaboration with the Bissantz Partnermanagement works without problems and very personal. And there is also an active partner community, as events like the Partner Barcamp have shown.

How do you experience Bissantz?

Professional, on the heart, innovative – and all of that with enthusiasm for what they do! We are particularly inspired by the philosophy, that the visualization of the numbers has to follow an easy and comprehensible way to everyone. This helps us, particularly in the intercultural area. DeltaMaster makes the most important relations obvious and doesn’t need any explanations, thanks to its speaking visualizations.

Your key experiences with customers?

The DeltaMaster customers I experienced are convinced and enthusiastic about what they can do with the tool. They identify with the product and you can feel the passion. This distinguishes them from users who have arranged themselves with tools that are made them available to them just to get along somehow.

“DeltaMaster customers are convinced and enthusiastic. You can feel their passion.”

Dr. Michael Seitz, PRODATO

Your Highlight?

At first glance one could say that DeltaMaster is a BI front-end tool, among many others. But the AHA effect occurs directly in analytical reporting: If you go to workshops with customers, you will notice that the Hyperbrowser or the Bissantz’ Numbers are not only eye-catchers, but really helpful tools for data analysis in the company.

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