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Orpheus and Bissantz: Strong Partners for Performance Management in Purchasing

As a leading provider of procurement intelligence solutions in strategic purchasing, Orpheus aims to bring company-wide transparency to the purchasing data of companies via artificial intelligence (AI). Orpheus’s core business is the development of software for purchasing controlling and strategic purchasing. This also includes potential analyses, performance measurement, and derivation of optimization measures. Orpheus’s software modules are used by numerous international customers, DAX- and MDAX-listed groups, and high-end SMEs. The company was formed in 2005 and had around 50 employees at the beginning of 2018.

Bissantz Bild

According to Michael Lauer, Orpheus’s product strategy involves both in-house development and the use of established standard products: “We focus on our core expertise in specialist solutions for strategic purchasing. This also includes development of AI algorithms and a specialized semantic data management process. For complementary areas, we look on the market for suitable, highperformance solutions from competent providers.”

Orpheus refines spend management system with DeltaMaster

This was also the case when selecting a data analysis and reporting tool as an integral element of SpendControl. This spend management system is part of the Orpheus product suite and provides all functions, KPIs, and analyses for professionalization of purchasing controlling on the basis of ERP data from any system.

The company was looking for a front-end that enabled flexible analyses as well as attractively visualized standard reporting. Performance and simplicity were also important – and the DeltaMaster business intelligence suite from Bissantz has precisely these attributes.

The analysis tools supplied with DeltaMaster range from universal Graphical Tables and ABC, portfolio, and time series analyses to sophisticated data mining methods. Reports can be generated automatically and adapted to the respective recipients. DeltaMaster provides users with a host of predefined SpendControl standard reports. In addition, individual reports can be prepared in line with users’ requirements. All reports can be updated automatically and distributed to recipients in various formats. More detailed ad-hoc analyses are also possible, for example regarding prices, quantities, spend, and conditions. They can be used on a self-service basis by employees in the specialist department with no prior technical knowledge.

DeltaMaster at Voith

Voith, the Heidenheim-based technology group, uses SpendControl with the frontend DeltaMaster. In strategic corporate purchasing, spend and procurement activities are analyzed with DeltaMaster. The solution is designed for use worldwide and also takes local circumstances into account. Efficient reporting combined with flexible detailed analyses helps Purchasing to respond quickly, as Matthias Krebs, Head of Purchasing and Supply Chain Analytics, reports: “We identify potential improvements in procurement much earlier than before, and can therefore decide and act more quickly.” In addition, with the combination of SpendControl and DeltaMaster, Voith has overcome the challenge of delivering data to people:

“We have a wide variety of users in the group with totally different expectations of analyses and how they are presented,” explains Krebs. “With DeltaMaster, we can answer operational questions as well as questions from top management. The levels of detail of the analyses are so variable that data can be assessed from ‘helicopter view’ to document level. In the Graphical Tables with their cell graphics, it is very easy to see what the situation is and where we need to act.” In the future, the strategic corporate purchasing team at Voith intends to use DeltaMaster for efficiency and quality KPIs. Voith is also supported by Orpheus in this enhancement process. “For us, Orpheus and DeltaMaster are the ideal combination for giving us the perspective we need in corporate purchasing,” says Krebs.

“We are regarded as the best on the market for specialist software for purchasing controlling. So it was clear to us that we also want to work with the best when it comes to the analysis and reporting front-end. And to us, that is definitely Bissantz with DeltaMaster.”

Michael Lauer, Managing Director of Orpheus GmbH

A successful partnership since 2005

Orpheus and Bissantz’s joint success story started back in 2005. “Lots of new products have been launched in recent years, and some of them have already disappeared. Of course, we also look at other software solutions – but so far, we haven’t seen any real alternative to DeltaMaster,” Lauer points out. He continues to be impressed by the partnership. “The special thing about the partnership with Bissantz is the short communication channels, and the fact that they are always there for us. The transfer of expertise also works very well. SAP access is a current example.

Furthermore, we work hand in hand with the Bissantz sales team in the best sense of integrated sales. This level of interaction also applies to collaboration of the partners. As a highly specialized company, we are called on by Bissantz partners to help with purchasing controlling issues, for instance. Conversely, we cooperate with other Bissantz partners if requirements outside our specialist field arise in the project.”

Joint issue for the future: Smart data intelligence for procurement

Lauer firmly believes that the partnership with Bissantz has a future. “Smart data intelligence for procurement is one of the most important issues for the future in purchasing controlling at datadriven companies. It’s about the use of intelligent software modules that scour even large quantities of data for anomalies automatically using artificial intelligence resources in order to identify potential. We aim to improve our market position further in this segment. The method-driven data analysis that DeltaMaster provides is an essential part of our solution, and we are benefiting from it tremendously.”

Highlights for Bissantz partners

  • Access to the most innovative BI product on the market
  • Additional professional expertise
  • Attractive conditions
  • Marketing partnerships
  • Award-winning software
  • Transfer of knowledge Technical support
  • Short communication channels
  • Support for sales and marketing

What our service provider customers are saying

“The perfect partnership! Many business intelligence providers have come and gone over the past 20 years – but Bissantz and PIT have remained. We look forward to the next wave of innovations and to continuing to address the needs of the market together.”

Christian Berner, Managing Director, PIT Informationssysteme AG

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