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The fundamentals of management information – I


Symbols used as operational elements. Icons are good if you already know them. If you have to learn them first, a simple text is much easier. Some icons become ludicrous over time. The 3.5” disk symbol is still a relic in Microsoft Office long after its demise. In DeltaMaster, we use icons as little as possible.

Industrial reporting

Highly automated, data-driven reporting that has many parallels to industrial manufacturing. Many steps are standardized; reports are produced at low costs in consistent quality. The prerequisite for industrial reporting is the use of → graphic tables. The counterpart to industrial reporting is something we call „consultant reporting“. This approach makes sense for special presentations such as annual shareholders’ meetings where the time it takes to produce them is not an issue and you intentionally select the data to portray a specific message. DeltaMaster, in contrast, is built to delegate as many routine tasks to the computer as possible and produce data-driven reports to objectively show the current business reality and transform it into clear signals.


A complex combination of text, numbers, images, and → charts. The mass media frequently uses infographics that are often on the borderline to infotainment. Bella is a bit wary of them because they often lack integrity. Their wide distribution, however, has shaped the expectations and habits with regards to visualization in companies as well. Sometimes, a lack of integrity even has the power to cause economic damage. This was the case with the recently published „chart of doom“.