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DeltaMaster Highlights

01 Intelligent Dashboards

DeltaMaster’s Dashboard provides a convenient introduction to all your analysis and reporting applications. You can assign a peak key figure to each application, e.g. incoming orders, contribution margin, pipeline or completion rate. DeltaMaster turns this into an impressive, color-coded overview that shows the company’s situation at a glance – and which topics you should focus your attention on first. DeltaMaster takes care of parameterization, configuration and layout for you.

02 Standard reporting

The standard reports for success control, deviation analysis and preview that every company needs are produced in a few minutes with DeltaMaster. Start assistants help. All you need to do is define the calculation scheme using drag-and-drop, which reflects your approach to performance measurement (contribution margin accounting, P&L, input-output calculations, etc.) – optionally also in short and long variants. All structures necessary for the dynamic calculation of previous year or plan deviations and cumulations are then automatically integrated into your data model. With many other tools allegedly built for BI, this is not even possible manually, let alone automatically.

03 Open data storage

For company-wide reporting and key figure control, use the interfaces to the usual data warehouse systems of the major manufacturers. DeltaMaster does not have its own “proprietary” data storage – unlike other products.
This independence is appreciated by many of our customers. Among others, we support these databases: Microsoft SQL Server/Analysis Services, SAP BW/Netweaver BI/HANA, IBM Cognos TM1, Oracle Essbase and Infor.

04 Flexibility

With just one click, all actual values in DeltaMaster can be projected into the future and extrapolated. DeltaMaster uses simple, robust methods such as exponential smoothing and linear regression, values calculated by external modules or methods and forecast specialists developed for you.

You can create your own forecast models in simple dialogs using the powerful MDX query language.

05 Team work

DeltaMaster supports the fast, uncomplicated exchange of findings, for example with a simple report dispatch via e-mail, comprehensive comment functions and a repository that regulates the division of work between report editors and report recipients.

06 Role concept

DeltaMaster’s role concept addresses both operation and data access: Management and supervisory board members love DeltaMaster because of its unparalleled clarity and clarity of its success control templates and reports, which work just as well on paper and tablet as on PC. Area managers and managing directors are pleased to be able to descend into the results hierarchies along predefined or automatically determined paths. Department and cost center managers appreciate the flexible filter and search functions. And staffs and assistants are pleased that they can go much further and deeper at the point where they have entrusted the management with specific questions without using the tool.
to have to change. This supports the smooth transition between roles and tasks that is typical for many modern companies.
The DeltaMaster repository then ensures that data and roles fit together.

07 Ad hoc analyses

DeltaMaster gives rods the necessary leeway for creative and experimental special analyses. This naturally includes operations such as “Slice and Dice” and pivoting, with which characteristics such as customers, regions and products can be compared and examined at every level. DeltaMaster can group and classify by attributes, value-based and even dynamic or with fixed thresholds. Wizards help to calculate quotients, sums, deviations or even multivariate statistical values. Drag-and-drop visualizes your results with circle, bar or column elements or the particularly appealing typographically scaled numbers of the Bissantz’Numbers. Complex comparisons such as cumulated plan-actual or previous year deviations are applied to existing data at the touch of a button.

08 Business analysis procedures

DeltaMaster offers a selection of proven business management methods for ad hoc analysis or as a template for regular reports. These include ranking, time series, portfolio, ABC, map, location, cross-tab, early warning, and important access to the document level. The procedures are programmed to work on any data model and no parameters need to be set.

09 Mobile BI

DeltaMaster takes into account the specific characteristics of today’s output media. For example, many things are viewed upright on the move and many things in landscape format in the office. Design templates and functional concepts are tailored to this. That’s why DeltaMaster reports look just as good on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets as they do on the screens of laptops, desktops, kiosk systems and control desks. Data and applications can also be provided centrally “from the cloud” and used online or offline.

10 Data Mining

DeltaMaster uses data mining methods for specialist users to support analyses in which the question is not known in advance, but should arise from the data itself. They are very easy to parameterize and their results are displayed with explanations in plain text, which can easily be presented to the management. The procedures include multidimensional rankings, component comparisons, shopping basket analyses and Bayesian procedures.

11 Selfservice-BI

For the ad-hoc analysis of new data sets in the sense of self-service BI, you can easily import Excel or Access files or other relational sources with DeltaMaster and get started. During modeling, DeltaMaster recognizes without your intervention what key figures and dimensions are and which levels belong to a hierarchy. This requires neither IT nor special technical knowledge.
After just a few steps, clearly structured and modelled data is available for subsequent analysis.

12 Guided analytics

DeltaMaster behaves like a clever assistant and inserts the appropriate graphics into your evaluations. DeltaMaster automatically suggests the right graphical visualization for any table. An analysis wizard automatically examines cross tables for anomalies using methods such as cluster analysis. If you use more sophisticated methods, such as distribution or regression analysis, you are expected to have little previous knowledge. Programming is not necessary.

13 Signal concept (traffic lights)

The improved signal concept from DeltaMaster ensures fast initial orientation. It avoids the ambiguity of traffic lights, uses physiologically favorable colors and functions without parameters: In DeltaMaster reports, all values and their graphic elements are kept in graded blue or red tones if they have a positive or negative effect on the result or the peak value. This principle is also applied to the program interface, the screen border, the report list, headings and other elements in order to convey the core message unmistakably and clearly, even when glancing at it or from a distance, e.g. on a kiosk system or control station. And which values are responsible for the colouring is always indicated.

14 Analysis paths

Based on the top metrics on your dashboard, DeltaMaster guides you to where intervention is likely to improve the bottom line – whether it’s assortment, organization, suppliers, customers or cost centers. Award-winning processes are at work that take into account the interlinking of causes. Typical paths can be predefined as a click sequence. The starting point and the path covered always remain in view.

15 Statistics

For special analyses, for example of campaigns, web visit data, quality values or customer surveys, DeltaMaster contains the necessary statistical functions. Thus, univariate and multivariate key figures can be created wizard-guided. Boxplots are available for exciting representations, for example of prices. Trend lines and concentration curves are automatically drawn correctly and attractively. There are separate modules for distribution and regression analyses.

16 Simple operation

DeltaMaster is a drag-and-drop product. All important actions to use and create reports work with simple, intuitive mouse movements. Menus clearly describe what a command does; there are few icons. Where other manufacturers can’t decide, we work with robust and proven presets, such as coloring, scaling, labeling and layout. At all application levels, DeltaMaster uses far fewer buttons and clicks than other BI products.

17 Visual analytics

With the Hyperbrowser from DeltaMaster you can quickly and reliably scan even complex structures. Using drag-and-drop, the data model is colored according to the transferred key figure. Hidden compensation effects are also immediately apparent. DeltaMaster’s graphical tables make numerical density reports intuitively understandable. Interactive cell graphics such as zoomable sparklines provide more detail with each magnification level. Simple color codes make it clear at a glance whether a key figure has a positive or negative effect on the result.

18 Planning

The integrated planning functions of DeltaMaster close the control loop of planning, analysis and reporting. The collection of values is facilitated by bottom-up and top-down mechanisms, for example data entry at cell or aggregate level, value fixation or multi-level cell comments. Intelligent cells “know” how to distribute inputs correctly. Multidimensional real-time evaluations can be integrated directly into the planning application in order to check plausibility during input and to estimate the effects on the result. And you can even see the status of the planning of the various organizational units in the dashboard.

19 Distribution of reports

DeltaMaster generates customized reports fully automatically for hundreds of recipients. Based on templates you have created, DeltaMaster re-reads data, sets color and warning signals, adjusts reports according to receiver-dependent criteria and takes care of file export and e-mail dispatch or filing. This can be done at the push of a button or time-dependently, for example daily, weekly or monthly. In addition, reporting can also react to events in the sense of exception reporting.

20 Portal

All DeltaMaster applications can be displayed centrally in a separate, automatically configured portal or integrated into common portal systems such as Microsoft Sharepoint. In conjunction with the DeltaMaster repository, the portal display is based on user rights and roles. A single sign-on is possible.

21 Cloud BI

With DeltaMaster in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, you can make business intelligence solutions available even faster and easier: In no time at all, you can test results from workshops, preliminary studies and proofs of concept live with DeltaMaster and use them directly. Access via web browser and app is available from the first day of the pilot. There is no need to configure server components. The application costs are transparent and easy to calculate.

22 Kiosk systems and control consoles

With DeltaMaster, you make information accessible in the company in such a way that it can be used without setup times and with little or no interaction: on kiosk systems, large monitors and entire monitor walls for controlling control centers and situation centers. This means that your mobile users no longer have to take their devices with them – they can simply stand by where they are needed. Integration with multimedia elements such as images and films, websites and video streams opens up completely new possibilities in corporate communications.

23 Office integration

DeltaMaster analyses and reports can be exported to HTML, PDF and Microsoft Office formats: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. DeltaMaster offers a “live integration” in Word for a formulated, individually designed reporting system: With an add-in, reports and report elements can be transferred down to cell level and dynamically updated. This is also possible for PowerPoint.

24 Innovation

We conduct research in the areas of corporate management and employee motivation, perception and visualization, data analysis and forecasting with large medium-sized and DAX companies. This results in best-practice applications that serve as models for new solutions. To ensure that our product development benefits from scientific findings, we have our own basic research and maintain research cooperations. This has resulted in several patents, which we have received for our analysis and frahling processes, and the Innovation Prize of the Gesellschaft für Informatik.

25 Information design

DeltaMaster is a pioneer in visualization and design. Sparklines, graphical tables and a business concept for the use of colors are examples of visual standards that DeltaMaster has set. We compare our layout, color, structure and warning concepts with scientific laws of perception that apply to the brain, eye and ear – regardless of personal preferences and customs. This ensures that you can immediately find your way around DeltaMaster reports.

26 Product design by Studio F. A. Porsche

Reports and analyses in DeltaMaster are a high-resolution feast for the eyes, which we have perfected with the designers from Studio F. A. Porsche. Overview and detail are presented dramatically and intuitively or richly detailed and precise – always matching the data situation.

27 Prefabrication

In BI projects, 65 to 80 percent of the project steps are the same across all companies. In order to simplify, standardize and automate these project steps, we operate prefabrication. The resulting ETL tools are suitable for end users and are used by larger customers themselves.

28 Customer satisfaction

Surveys such as BARC’s BI Survey and Planning Survey regularly confirm that our customers are happy not only with the product, but also with our service and support. A large part of this is due to the fact that many questions are answered directly by our consultants. They know the BI business inside out and are at your side with all their experience, even in technical and project-specific matters. And our hotline does not take you to a call center, but directly to us.

29 Consulting

If required, our excellent consulting team can support you in setting up and even operating a continuous and automated data management system – even from very heterogeneous sources. By the way, we invest an entire day a week in the training of our consultants.

30 Partner

We support special application topics with certified partners with whom we maintain an intensive exchange, who are closely linked to our development and shine in their fields of competence. Our partners also offer preconfigured solutions, which they have developed with DeltaMaster as industry or process specialists, as well as the permanent operation of the solutions.

31 Awards and prizes

With DeltaMaster, our customers strengthen themselves for competition in their markets – and win prizes in competitions such as the Best Practice Award of the BARC Institute or the ServiceManagement Award of the German Customer Service Association (KVD). The Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) has awarded us its Innovation Prize. And DeltaMaster is also at the forefront of user favor: In the annual user survey “BI Survey” conducted by BARC, DeltaMaster regularly emerges as the winner in numerous categories.

32 Early detection and deviation radar

Countermeasures don’t go overnight. That is why DeltaMaster’s root cause analysis procedures trace all deltas back to their origin in the organization. All reports in DeltaMaster contain deviation signals that relate each value to the expectation, target or plan. Only through appropriate comparisons is it clear where corrections are necessary and whether they can still succeed or have to be replanned. Even if the causes are hidden deep in the data, DeltaMaster can detect them. This allows you to maintain an overview even if deviations can only be explained by a combination of product or customer characteristics, for example.