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Mediengruppe Oberfranken.

DeltaMaster is used at Medien­gruppe Ober­franken parti­cularly in media and sub­scrip­tion sales and in controlling.

  • faster report provision

  • IT-independent report generation in the specialist departments

  • positive and negative developments recognizable at a glance

  • high level of expertise at Bissantz as a service provider

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Bissantz Case Study Mediengruppe Oberfranken

Management of media sales with DeltaMaster.

Less complexity – better visualization.

The business intelli­gence solution previously used was too complex for the specialist depart­ments. Accor­ding to Thomas Paul, system inte­grator at Medien­gruppe Ober­franken, the biggest points of criticism were the insta­bility of the system, the long deve­lop­ment times and the infle­xibility in the deve­lop­ment of cubes. In addition, the reporting via Excel add-in did not meet the media group’s require­ments for a compre­hensible, easy-to-under­stand presen­tation of key figures and analyses. As part of a tender, DeltaMaster from Bissantz was chosen. The business intelli­gence suite impressed with its high level of tech­nical maturity.

„Another argu­ment in favor of DeltaMaster was that users can create reports inde­pen­dently very quickly, without any IT support,“ Paul adds. „For me, the visua­li­zation via elements such as spark­lines was the decisive factor,“ says Carina Werner, Controller at the media group. „I can under­score that,“ empha­sizes Petra Bayer, respon­sible for data­base manage­ment in media sales. „Spark­lines and the red and blue color scheme allow you to see imme­diately and at a glance where the positive and negative develop­ments are.“

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