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Verkehrsverbund Luzern.

The Verkehrs­verbund Luzern uses DeltaMaster to analyze data for planning, ordering and finan­cing public transport.

  • efficient reports with graphical tables

  • interactive analyses using the method library

  • automated variance analyses

  • compatibility with all common databases

  • report distribution e.g. via web, on tablets or as PDF

  • one tool for all users, from report recipients to power users

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Bissantz Case Study Case Study Verkehrsverbund Luzern

Flexible reporting at Verkehrsverbund Luzern.

Planning, ordering and financing with DeltaMaster.

In order to make reporting of Beluga data more flexible, Verkehrs­ve­rbund Luzern decided to intro­duce a business intelli­gence system. This would allow the reporting system to be adapted to new require­ments and the level of detail of evalu­ations to be varied. The company also wanted to be prepared for the incor­po­ration of addi­tional data sources.

The inte­gra­ted business intelli­gence soft­ware DeltaMaster from Bissantz convinced VVL. The sophis­ticated analysis and visuali­zation functions, which provide infor­mation-dense reports and dash­boards, contri­buted signi­fi­cantly to the decision.

„I was parti­cularly impressed by the KPI tiles as clear, user-specific starting points for in-depth analyses, as well as the so-called report weather, which reflects the core message of a report based on pre­de­fined key perfor­mance indicators,“ Yvonne Schuler, Deputy Managing Director at VVL, explains. Bissantz completed the entire project within six months. „I was surprised at how quickly Bissantz got familiar with our business world, because it really is anything but standard,“ empha­sizes Yvonne Schuler.

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