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Procurement Controlling:Analysis, planning and reporting

Bissantz is software for business intelligence in all functions.

Mit Einkaufscontrolling-Software von Bissantz Lieferantenbeziehungen analysieren und Einkäufe bündeln
Procurement Controlling

In no other area of a company can savings be made as quickly and effectively as in purchasing. The main purpose of procurement controlling is therefore to disclose supplier relationships: Where can purchases be bundled, where should sourcing be spread more widely due to risk considerations? The prerequisites for this are transparent prices for comparable purchased parts from different suppliers, quantity structures relevant to conditions and purchasing volumes. With regard to quality, one asks about the quality of the goods and the quality of the delivery.

Market leaders rely onBissantz.

In procurement controlling and for all other functions.

Business Intelligencefor procurement controlling.

Analytics and dashboarding seamlessly connected.

We have cast the best practice for analysis, planning and reporting in procurement controlling and other corporate functions into software. Evaluation, display and operation are based on universal principles, like humans perceive and process numbers and graphics.

Our reports for the procurement controlling area and all other specialist areas are understood more quickly. Our software is easier to use. Key figure overviews and root cause analysis are seamlessly linked. Our processes are award-winning and patented.

Variance analysis

Automated calculation of relative, absolute and cumulative variances for purchasing controlling.

Root cause analysis

Automated resolution of key figure values according to causing and compensating elements.

Trend detection

Automated calculation of historical and forecast values for purchasing controlling.


Automated selection of graphic type, graphic placement, scaling and coloring.

Early warning

Automatic threshold and event-driven exception alerts and reports (Exception Reporting).

Ease of use

Automated standardization and assignment of names, signs, color codes, number scaling, etc.

What taskssupports Bissantz?

Analysis, planning and reporting in procurement controlling.

All – and on principle: Because our logic for evaluation and presentation is universally valid. Our customers use our software for all typical tasks in procurement controlling. They decide on supplier selection, purchasing policy and incentive systems, receive warning messages in case of differences between centrally negotiated conditions and actual purchases, control purchasers, estimate negotiating power before important purchases, get

We also provide information on weaknesses in procurement logistics and ensure preferential conditions.

Our customers use the standardized evaluations and visualizations of our software for purchasing controlling on many other topics. These include:

  • Conditions policy

  • Control of the purchasers

  • Financial planning

  • Incentive systems

  • Procurement logistics

  • Purchasing Policy

  • Storage room planning

  • Supplier selection

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Which key figuressupports Bissantz?

Analysis, planning and reporting in procurement controlling.

All – as a matter of principle: The key figures in procurement controlling and all other functions are not the by-product of the operational upstream systems, but are created in a multi-stage process. They are agreed upon and then implemented.

Data from various tables is merged, filtered and summarized. We have automated the necessary steps for this with our software. This allows you to generate exactly the key figures you need – for example:

  • Accumulated quantities and value

  • Complaint

  • Credits

  • Delivery reliability

  • Delivery time

  • Discount scale

  • Early delivery

  • Error count

  • Number of orders

  • Number of suppliers

  • Order value

  • Partial deliveries

  • Payment term

  • Price fluctuations

  • Prices

  • Quantity

  • Rejections

  • Response times

  • Returns

  • Share of supplier sales

  • Value of counter deliveries

  • Value

  • open orders

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What perspectivesmasters Bissantz?

Analysis, planning and reporting in procurement controlling.

All – as a matter of principle: The key figures in procurement controlling are all the more valuable the more characteristics are available for their analysis. Our evaluation logic for marketing controlling and all other functions is therefore always multi-dimensional, because it is precisely these

Characteristics, often structured in hierarchies, which provide indications of possible causes or act as control levers.

These features are typical for procurement controlling:

  • Cost elements

  • Departments

  • Functional areas

  • Material groups

  • Material types

  • Material

  • Suppliers

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What data sourcesknows Bissantz?

Analysis, planning and reporting in procurement controlling.

All – as a matter of principle: The key figures for procurement controlling and all other functions are usually fed from several databases. We query them via standard interfaces,

cleanse and combine them and prepare them as required for analysis, planning and reporting. Sources for procurement controlling include, for example:

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Cost Center Accounting

  • Incoming goods inspection

  • Order disposition

  • Order monitoring

  • Procurement logistics

  • Supplier invoice control

  • Supplier selection

  • external databases

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How our customers in procurement controllingbenefit from Bissantz.

Analysis, planning and reporting in procurement controlling.


The technology group Voith uses DeltaMaster in strategic group purchasing for the analysis of expenditures and procurement activities as well as for reporting. Voith benefits above all from the ability to flexibly create ad hoc analyses across data sources such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to immediately identify and get to the bottom of deviations in the right context, and from the variable detailing of analyses from the “helicopter view” down to document level.

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The Würth Group, which specializes in fastening and assembly materials, uses DeltaMaster to analyze millions of purchasing and logistics data from SAP BW and other upstream systems. Among other things, more than 9,000 different routes can be evaluated according to criteria such as carrier or transport type. A dynamic portfolio analysis is used to determine the price development of products. By using DeltaMaster, Würth was able to increase the transparency of the data and improve analysis and reporting efficiency.

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