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Sales Controlling:Analysis, planning and reporting

Bissantz is software for business intelligence in all functions.

Mit Vertriebscontrolling-Software von Bissantz die Vertriebsprozesse vom Auftragseingang bis zur Fakturierung analysieren
Sales Controlling

Do people love our products? Without sales success, everything else is nothing. Sales controlling with Bissantz reveals strengths and weaknesses of sales activities. Our evaluations examine incoming orders and invoicing, provide information on the organizational structure and process organization in sales and distribution. Our variance and cause analyses provide early warning signals at all levels and across all departments. We identify the characteristics of “top sellers” and “bottom sellers”, sales differences according to areas of responsibility and sales teams, according to price categories and order sizes, according to technical or taste characteristics, according to territories, organizational units or demographic customer characteristics and characteristics of customer industries. These analyses help to control the sales apparatus, show gaps in the product range and have a considerable stimulating value for marketing measures.

Market leaders rely onBissantz.

In sales controlling and for all other functions.

Business Intelligencefor sales controlling.

Analytics and dashboarding seamlessly connected.

We have cast the best practice for analysis, planning and reporting in sales controlling and other corporate functions into software. Evaluation, display and operation are based on universal principles of how humans perceive and process numbers and graphics.

Our reports for sales controlling and all other departments are understood more quickly. Our software is easier to use. Key figure overviews and root cause analysis are seamlessly linked. Our processes are award-winning and patented.

Variance analysis

Automated calculation of relative, absolute and cumulative variances for sales controlling.

Root cause analysis

Automated resolution of key figure values according to causing and compensating elements.

Trend detection

Automated calculation of historical and forecast values for sales controlling.


Automated selection of graphic type, graphic placement, scaling and coloring.

Early warning

Automatic threshold and event-driven exception alerts and reports (Exception Reporting).

Ease of use

Automated standardization and assignment of names, signs, color codes, number scaling, etc.

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The non-food system supplier Wenco primarily uses DeltaMaster to evaluate sales figures, broken down by article groups and sales teams. For example, sales development compared to the previous year is analyzed across all article groups. At the push of a button, approximately 10,500 reports are created and distributed monthly with DeltaMaster.

For Wenco, the greatest advantages of using DeltaMaster are the heightened sales awareness of the addressees and the stronger proximity to the customer.

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The manufacturer of measurement and control systems Bürkert implements ongoing sales reporting with DeltaMaster. Employees are supplied with information via ad-hoc analyses in a self-service process and standardized PDF reports. DeltaMaster is also used for price and margin analyses as well as for sales and sales planning.

With DeltaMaster, Bürkert benefits from the availability of a company-wide source of results and the ability to access data more quickly.

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Sales managers at Deuter, the market leader for sports backpacks, use DeltaMaster to keep an eye on sales at levels such as customers, customer groups, products and product groups. For the backpack manufacturer, DeltaMaster’s highlights are its high flexibility, the deviation analyses that can be implemented quickly, and the numerous drill-down options.

For Deuter, DeltaMaster is a reliable business compass on the successful corporate path, offering reliable figures and sophisticated analysis options.

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