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Interview with BBT

“Directly in use at the Supervisory Board.”

Andreas Grunow, Unternehmensberatung BBT

Why Partner of Bissantz?

We are manufacturer and provider of the software “avestrategy” which is a tool for company management, controlling, financial and portfolio management. avestrategy is combined with the ERP systems of the housing companies. Therefore, we have a big data treasure. And it will only become a treasure for me if I can process it correctly from big data into smart data. This was the reason for the content fusion with the software DeltaMaster and the company Bissantz, where data learns to live. Innovation and pragmatism are our bases which we also find at Bissantz and its software. We want to provide the customer with a tool that can be taken in hand to fit perfectly and to make him do his work better.

How do you experience
partnership with Bissantz?

We are very happy with the fact that our enquiries from the real estate sector are well picked up at Bissantz and that we are well assisted by the IT side. At some point it was also new for us to deal with OLAP cubes and the specialties of BI, and we always found someone at Bissantz who gave us the right answer at the right moment.

What fascinates you about DeltaMaster and the DeltaApp?

What we love about DeltaMaster is the fact that we get data “just in time” (and with the DeltaApp at the right place) for the right use, for the right purpose, and in a way that turns big data into smart data – which makes data talk. That is our focus.

“Innovation and pragmatism.”

Andreas Grunow, Unternehmensberatung BBT

Your highlight?

My personal highlight at implementation projects with DeltaMaster is always when customers see their data in DeltaMaster for the first time. When he sees his data crystal clear, which appeared as a treasure to him until this moment, and when he sees the fast implementation processes not only as a promise, but as a workflow.

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