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Interview with iwb

“I love it when ideas become reality.”

Dr. Henri Lüdeke, Managing Director, iwb

What fascinates you about

The example of a conviction based on scientific findings, the struggle for an integrated reporting system beyond one’s own needs for recognition and the passion with which the right things are propagated lead to an almost missionary, own identification with the product DeltaMaster. This does not mean that we cannot look at other solution providers from time to time, but we know what we have about DeltaMaster. The added value of DeltaMaster becomes clear during the initial presentations, but above all during the training in the subsequent ongoing support. The simple intuitive operation, without having to learn from icons, makes our work easier and leads to a quick sense of achievement for users and customers.

How do you experience
partnership with Bissantz?

Personally, I am always enthusiastic about the professional attitude of all staff as well as the incredibly good support. Vision, lived mission and scientifically founded visualization forms stand out pleasantly from uncontrolled growth of competitors. The broad knowledge of the Bissantz consultants of DeltaMaster, but also Microsoft SQL server, authorization topics and operating system peculiarities help us again and again to focus on the actual consulting tasks in very heterogeneous customer installations. The new partner management encourages us, but also supports us, to advance joint acquisition even more successfully. We can benefit from the experience of the pre-sales professionals at Bissantz.

“I was immediately convinced by the Sparklines and the notation.”

Dr. Henri Lüdeke, Managing Director, iwb

Your highlight?

Due to the proximity of content and humanity that has grown over the years, I have enjoyed participating in joint research on forms of presentation. I was a very big fan of the representation of distributions. The previous Box-Whisker diagrams always took up a lot of space, so I had the vision that there had to be another form of representation. Together with Dr. Bissantz and his mathematician, Mr. Lewandowski, we finally created a representation that is now standard in graphical tables under the name Box-Plot.

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