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Interview with PHOEBUS IT Consulting

“Convincing: reflection and questioning of traditional habits.”

Arne Schnabel, PHOEBUS IT Consulting

Why Partner of Bissantz?

We know Bissantz & Company and their product – DeltaMaster and its predecessor DeltaMiner – since its very beginning. We were particularly convinced by its philosophy of questioning the traditional reporting habits. Another aspect is the restless activity shaped by the know-how of visualization specialists such as Edward Tufte or Stephen Few, as a part of the software. As the partner program has been launched, our next step was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our partner.

How would you describe the partnership
experience with Bissantz?

The partnership with Bissantz is very lively. It is more than just a typical relationship between manufacturer and seller. By incorporating the customer wishes into the product development, by supporting the partner at exhibitions, by organizing common webinars, and by exchanging ideas with the speakers at events, Bissantz makes the partnership very interactive.

What fascinates you about DeltaMaster?

As already mentioned, we are fascinated by the philosophy of how to do things the right way in reporting. Bissantz developed a software product, that contains everything that is relevant to a controller, from reporting models to report distribution and the possibility to publish it on the web and on mobile devices. All these features are included in a single software. That’s what makes it so special to us.

Your unique experience with customers?

Especially in the initial stage, building new customer relationships is characterized by restraint. It’s always exciting, when during the product launch phase, the restraint of the customers vanishes and they show even on an emotional level, how positively surprised and convinced of the solution they are.

“Everything relevant for the controller workplace.”

Arne Schnabel, PHOEBUS IT Consulting

Your Highlight?

This may sound a little bit unspectacular, but my personal highlight is not so much the so-called USP’s that are usually at the top in each brochure, but the hundreds of small details of the software. They simply show that behind the DeltaMaster product, there is over 20 years’ experience in the field of Business Intelligence, there is someone who has experienced the same things, who had the same problems to solve and who used his experience to create this product. For me, it is the decisive fact.

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