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Interview with VELUX

“DeltaMaster, is constantly being further developed and always gives us new suggestions.”

Ursula Mergenhagen, Velux Deutschland

Why Business Intelligence?

Actually, all BI solutions are provided by our headquarters in Denmark. However, in Germany, as is the largest distributor, there has often been a need for different ones for either concerning the level of detail or flexibility, as well as for the evaluation of local data. Therefore, we went then looking for our own, additional solution.


Why Bissantz?

My technical support colleagues had been at a meeting of the KVD and were introduced to DeltaMaster there. They were thrilled by the flexibility and the range of functions and thought that we should also definitely use it. We were then convinced by the fact that it could be used for a wide range of applications – from ad-hoc reporting up to standard reporting or for detailed analyses.


“Inspiring flexibility and range of functions.”

Ursula Mergenhagen, Velux Deutschland

How did it start?

We have used DeltaMaster since 2009. We started with two modules: First in sales reporting, which means the analysis of sales and sales for sales regions and product groups. The second big topic was the technical customer service which addresses mainly the optimization of the processes and process control.

How do you experience Bissantz?

The corporation with BIssantz has always been very good. It was, of course, particularly intense at the beginning, when we still required a lot support with the first reports and applications. During that time, there were a lot of very long phone calls with the support of Bissantz, while they have always been very friendly and patient with us. We also find it positive that DeltaMaster is continuously evolving and always providing new impulses on how data can be presented differently.

What is next?

Meanwhile, we had been able to convince our Danish colleagues that it truly is more effective to have our own BI solution locally, which we, of course, continue to operate parallel with the global solutions offered to us and hope that in the future we will be able to continue this way.

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