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HANSAINVEST analyzes its real-estate portfolio with DeltaMaster

DeltaMaster helps HANSAINVEST Real Assets to manage its vast real estate assets of around €4.8 billion and analyze them on an ad hoc basis. Users can evaluate all transactions, floor spaces, and rental and lease conditions in DeltaMaster.

The numbers are impressive: a real estate investment volume of around €4.8 billion in 18 countries, comprising 1.4 million square meters of net floor space across some 18,500 rental properties with 61 company codes and 3,500 accounts. Managing a global real estate portfolio of this magnitude requires state-of-the-art tools.

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Granular analyses of vast amounts of data

HANSAINVEST wanted a solution to support ad hoc analysis of its complex real estate portfolio. The project team needed to quickly gain an overview on the level of individual funds or sub-portfolio levels and determine the proper positioning of real-estate objects based on both yield and risk aspects. It also wanted the system to calculate value drivers such as investments, vacancy, income from lease payments, operating costs, current market value, and fund returns.

Comprehensive standard reporting with DeltaMaster

Following the introduction of the SAP/Blue Eagle ERP system, it was the turn of reporting. The goal was to standardize and automate reporting processes, which were plagued by media breaks, too many Excel files, and a great deal of manual work.
HANSAINVEST chose an analytic application based on DeltaMaster. The users implemented all important statutory reporting requirements in just 25 standard reports. These standard reports are supplemented with special reports for the individual divisions. The results are immediately available in the integrated data model.

Broad scope of analytic methods

To manage the vast portfolio in light of optimization and risk, the users at HANSAINVEST required both statistical and business analyses as well as modern data mining methods – which are all available in DeltaMaster. In addition to time series or cross table analyses, the users also frequently work with modules for geo analysis, distribution analysis, segmentation, and classification.

For Nicholas Brinckmann, Speaker of the Management Board of HANSAINVEST Real Assets, the three main reasons for choosing DeltaMaster were:

  • moderate implementation costs
  • user-friendly, flexible approach for creating reports and editing them to reflect structural changes at HANSAINVEST – all without needing IT or external support
  • support from an industry consultant such as BBT Group, Berlin.

Dr. Sebastian Brandt, Head of Real Estate Controlling at HANSAINVEST Real Assets, appreciates the benefits in his day-to-day business: “Without the DeltaMaster solution, answering certain time-critical inquiries from the managing directors or fund and risk managers would require significantly more time and effort.”

“Many inquiries from our managing directors and fund managers are urgent. Without DeltaMaster, answering them would involve significantly more time, work, and personnel.”

Dr. Sebastian Brandt, Head of Controlling Real Estate at HANSAINVEST Real Assets

Transparency down to individual contracts

Users can now analyze all accounting transactions, spaces, and leasing conditions at any time. For each contract, DeltaMaster even calculates a status ID. The solution also integrates a database containing information on the current market value. In this case, market assessment data is entered directly into DeltaMaster so that other users can include the current value as part of their analyses.

Another interesting aspect is that the system can represent funds that do not exist in that form in SAP. In the past, this procedure was extremely complex. Today, DeltaMaster creates these funds automatically – in part, from multiple SAP accounting areas with different share-ownership ratios. Since the system also supports multiple currencies, they can even be displayed in the group or local currency.

Sparklines, bars, and more

HANSAINVEST Real Assets uses Graphical Tables and other DeltaMaster visualization concepts in its reporting. “The visual presentation is a key advantage given the complexity of the data model, which has around 80 dimensions and some 700 measures,” explains Andreas Grunow, authorized representative at consulting firm BBT Group. “Sparklines help users to evaluate numbers in the proper time context and require minimal space. This context is important when it comes to illustrating the value development of a portfolio, for example.”

Multidimensional planning

Having got to grips with analyzing its actual figures, HANSAINVEST Real Assets turned its attention to planning – also with the help of DeltaMaster. Budget templates allow data to be entered directly into the OLAP database. Sparklines and trends, which users already know from the reporting applications, are integrated as planning aids. “This solution optimally supports our planning contributors in the proper time and analytical context,” enthuses Brandt.


  • Fund and portfolio analyses, risks and returns
  • Comprehensive standard reporting, statutory reporting compliance
  • Broad analytic spectrum: Business, statistical, and data mining methods
  • Multiple currencies
  • Graphical tables for high data density
  • Multidimensional planning with sparklines and trend arrows
  • Replacement of Excel
  • SAP/Blue Eagle as upstream system


  • Extensive experience and sustainable investments in the real estate and infrastructure sector
  • A sister company of HANSAINVEST Hanseatische Investment-GmbH
  • Assets in excess of €4.8 billion
  • Office, retail, hotel, logistics, and residential properties in 18 countries

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