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PIT AG – A passionate partner of DeltaMaster

Working alongside Bissantz for over 15 years

PIT Informationssysteme was founded in 1995 by former PricewaterhouseCoopers  employees as a stock corporation domiciled in Windisch, Switzerland. The software and service provider specializes in visualization and management. It uses state-of-the-art methods to help its
customers to visualize their data as effectively as possible and to manage their company reliably by monitoring key performance indicators. PIT’s customers include medium-sized and larger enterprises from almost every industry in German-speaking countries, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. PIT is held in high regard thanks to its dedicated employees, in-depth IT expertise, and extensive project experience across various sectors, including services, banking, insurance, retail, and industry.

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The company’s recipe for success is based on high-performance, contemporary IT solutions. As early as 1998, when business intelligence was still in its infancy, PIT recognized the considerable potential of data for company management and the corresponding need for user-friendly tools to mine this valuable resource. “We launched our business by developing standard software for finance, accounting and controlling and established ourselves with an impressive number of installations for IBM mid-range systems,” recalls Christian Berner, CEO of PIT AG.

“It became increasingly clear that there was growing demand among customers for more extensive evaluations and improved reporting. We surveyed the market for corresponding solutions and found DeltaMiner from Bissantz, the precursor to DeltaMaster. It was a truly revolutionary solution for its time. The Bissantz philosophy in terms of how software should look, how it should be operated, what it should achieve, and the development cycles for updates is absolutely unique! Our partnership with Bissantz began in 2001 with the successful implementation of a management information system based on DeltaMiner.”

“The perfect partnership! Many business intelligence providers have come and gone over the past 20 years – but Bissantz and PIT have remained. We look forward to the next wave of innovations and to continuing to address the needs of the market together.”

Christian Berner, CEO, PIT Informationssysteme AG

PIT has since implemented numerous BI projects, connecting neighboring solutions such as ProConcept on the basis of Oracle, SAP R/3, Microsoft Dynamics, Navision, ABACUS, Domus advanced, and others. Data modeling and cleansing, precondensing and precalculation, and OLAP cube creation all form part of PIT’s consulting activties. DeltaMaster is used as a front-end to create standard reports, analyses, and planning solutions. PIT and its customers benefit from a wide range of highly efficient visualization and automation techniques that have a consistently positive impact on project turnaround times and costs. Employees appreciate the short training times and ease of operation using drag-and-drop.

Key performance indicators can be monitored with the system using a special color concept.

The project list covers small, medium-sized, and large enterprises – such as Media Markt Management AG, whose fragmented data from a wide range of finance and ERP sources is compiled and can be evaluated using almost any imaginable criteria. Figures for the individual sales outlets (stores) are planned and projected on a monthly basis. New features such as browsing, zooming, and navigating mean that store managers and sales representatives can now perform a wide range of analyses and evaluations themselves – online or offline, via browser or using their iPhone/iPad.

With a business relationship dating back over 15 years, PIT AG was one of Bissantz‘s earliest partners and has since qualified as a Passionate Partner, the highest level in Bissantz‘s partner program. PIT is considered the sales and distribution hub for DeltaMaster in Switzerland.

What does PIT AG like most about DeltaMaster? Firstly, its integrative approach: DeltaMaster is a universal tool that covers all requirements in the areas of reporting, analysis, and planning. Secondly, the wide range of automated features that enable rapid implementation and application development. A further argument in favor of the solution is the visual standards that ensure users can easily find their way around DeltaMaster reports. This includes Graphical Tables and a business-oriented concept for the use of colors. Bissantz designs its layout, color, structure, and warning concepts to correspond to the natural laws of perception that govern the brain, the eyes, and the ears – irrespective of personal preferences and habits.

The personal level is another important element. In particular, PIT AG appreciates the direct contact and short communication channels within its partnership of equals with Bissantz, the vendor. „Business intelligence has become increasingly important to our success as a company over the years, and we are convinced that its importance will continue to grow,“ summarizes Christian Berner. „Opening up new opportunities for our customers with BI solutions and fully exhausting the potential of their data will remain our focus in the future – and we definitely plan to continue working with Bissantz and DeltaMaster for this. Together with local business partners, we intend to strengthen our activities in the French-speaking and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland.“

Bissantz partners benefit from

  • Access to the most innovative BI product on the market
  • Additional professional expertise
  • Attractive conditions
  • Marketing partnerships

Bissantz offers its partners

  • Award-winning software
  • Transfer of knowledge
  • Technical support
  • Short communication channels
  • Support for sales and marketing

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