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BI for hospitals

Like every commercial enterprise, hospitals are bound to the economic principle – but they must also ensure evidence-based, patient-focused care. Hospitals have to be managed on the basis of both medical AND economic requirements in order to remain viable. This requires decisions – some of which are extremely complex – to be made at various points in the hospital.  In turn, this requires comprehensible, controlling-relevant information and service and cost transparency for the hospital management and administration, as well as for those delivering the services.

DeltaMaster provides the necessary transparency to show how things are going and when and where action needs to be taken.

Business intelligence with DeltaMaster: Look, see, do!

Intelligent hospital administration and controlling
Analyzing data for various areas of application

A wide range of data analyses are required in order to identify particularly cost-intensive areas and potential process improvements and to ensure performance-based remuneration. You can use DeltaMaster to create flexible evaluations for all kinds of areas of application in the hospital environment, including

  • Medical controlling/billing
  • Care controlling/management of minimum nursing staff levels
  • Surgery analysis
  • Length of stay management
  • Release management
  • MDK management
  • Liquidity controlling
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Contribution margin and cost accounting
Generating decision-relevant KPIs

Hospital management that is geared toward strategic and operational targets and the accompanying reporting require informative financial, performance, and coding KPIs. You can use DeltaMaster to generate exactly the KPIs you need – including

  • Liquidity
  • Profitability
  • Case numbers
  • Case mix index (CMI)
  • Length of stay and variance from the InEK average
  • Occupancy/utilization rate (e.g. beds, surgery, staff)
  • surgery times (surgical chart time, setup time, etc.)
  • Staff costs
  • MDK query rate
Integrating data from any systems

A wide range of controlling-relevant data forms the basis for KPIs, analyses, and reports. This includes both business data and clinical data from the hospital’s internal IT systems. Examples include data from the balance sheet, the income statement, and cost center accounting, staff data, case data, images, and findings. Data-driven hospital management also requires external market data on aspects such as patient flows, referrers, competitors, and population data.

You can use DeltaMaster to integrate data easily and automatically from almost every data source. This includes

  • Clinical information systems (CIS)
  • Radiology information systems (RIS)
  • Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS)
  • Laboratory systems
  • Quality assurance systems
  • Patient management systems
  • Financial accounting software
  • External databases

How our customers benefit

“For the first time, thanks to phoebus and DeltaMaster, we have the transparency we need to see how things stand and where we can make improvements.”

Katrin Malisi, Controlling, Diakonie-Klinikum Stuttgart

Bissantz Bild

Diakonie-Klinikum Stuttgart uses DeltaMaster to evaluate medical data from the clinical information system and various sub-systems, with a particular focus on KPI generation and analysis in the areas of surgery, care, and MDK (Health Insurance Medical Service). Recipients can use their web browsers to access the reports, which are tailored to their information requirements. This allows them to plan operating room occupancy or nursing staff or to identify gaps in documentation.

Our experts have IT and industry expertise. We provide tailored solutions for hospitals in conjunction with partners such as: PHOEBUS IT is a provider of MIS/BI solutions based on OLAP technology, specializing in solutions for the healthcare industry. The phoebus end-to-end controlling solution is considered to be one of the leading data warehouse solutions for hospitals.
Iconcare specializes in the implementation and maintenance of customized business intelligence and controlling solutions in the healthcare industry, including for performance, human resources, process, financial, and medical controlling.

Both companies share our belief that working together makes us even stronger. This is why PHOEBUS IT and BInovis bundle their strengths and realize joint BI projects for hospitals and hospital groups using DeltaMaster as the analysis and reporting tool.

Both companies share our belief that working together makes us even stronger. This is why PHOEBUS IT and Iconcare bundle their strengths and realize joint BI projects for hospitals and hospital groups using DeltaMaster as the analysis and reporting tool.

Contact us

Bei uns finden Sie Experten mit IT- und Branchenexpertise. An maßgeschneiderten Lösungen für Krankenhäuser arbeiten wir beispielsweise mit diesen Partnern:

PHOEBUS IT ist Anbieter von MIS/BI Lösungen auf Basis der OLAP-Technologie und spezialisiert auf Lösungen für die Gesundheitswirtschaft. Die ganzheitliche Controllinglösung phoebus gilt als eine der führenden Data-Warehouse-Lösungen für Krankenhäuser.

BInovis hat sich auf die Implementierung und Pflege kundenindividueller Business Intelligence- und Controllinglösungen in der Gesundheits­wirtschaft spezialisiert, unter anderem in den Feldern Leistungs-, Personal-, Prozess-, Finanz- und Medizincontrolling.

Beide Unternehmen finden übrigens genau wie wir, dass man gemeinsam noch stärker ist. Deshalb bündeln PHOEBUS IT und BInovis ihre Stärken und realisieren gemeinsam BI-Projekte für Krankenhäuser und Krankenhaus­verbünde – mit DeltaMaster als Analyse- und Reporting-Werkzeug.

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