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Partner program of Bissantz for the BI software DeltaMaster on the road to success

At the end of 2016, Bissantz & Company launched a new partner program for the distribution of the business intelligence software DeltaMaster. Its purpose is to strengthen the business with partners by supporting them with some new systematic services. The program finds the approval of the partners: Meanwhile, already fifteen renowned partners have joined it.

Two primary targets should be reached with the partner program: One is bracing the partners for that they can provide their services on the highest professional and technical level. They can participate in product training courses and challenging tasks such as in data modeling, the automation of business intelligence processes (ETL, distribution of reports) or the visualization in reporting systems (information design). The achievements for their efforts can become certified. The other target is supporting the partners in marketing and sales activities, for instance with project protection, joint lead and market development and comprehensive support for events, for reference marketing, for the web presence, and for public relations.

The intensity of the support varies with the program level which the partners achieve by gaining respective revenues. These steps are an innovation in the partner business of Bissantz and are called “personal”, “professional” and “passionate”. It’s precisely regulated which services the partners can fetch in the respective levels.

Logo für Personal-Partner im Partnerprogramm  Logo für Professional-Partner im PartnerprogrammLogo für Passionate-Partner im Partnerprogramm

“Cooperating with reliable partners is an essential pillar of our sales strategy. That’s why it’s important for us to establish ideal conditions for a successful solution business with DeltaMaster. With our new partner program, we have geared up our organization even more to support our partners in the best possible way. We are very pleased that our existing partners approve it so well. That makes us confident that we will convince future partners with it.” That’s how Irene Schröder, Head of Partner Management, illustrates the strategic importance of the partner program for Bissantz.

Bissantz has experience in the business with partners for many years. Many companies who use DeltaMaster of Bissantz benefit from this experience: Besides a high technical and methodical competence, the partners can provide them a lot of expertise and experiences in individual branches, in operating functional areas or in application systems.

The “BI Survey”, a vendor-independent survey of Business Intelligence users, confirms that the cooperation works well: In categories, such as project success or support, the efforts of the partners are included explicitly – and in these categories, Bissantz and the Bissantz partners regularly reach top positions.

The partner program is suitable for management and IT consulting services, system integrators, OEM and software providers, resellers and start-ups. You can find detailed information and contact persons on the partner website of Bissantz.