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DeltaMaster – Flexibility for all cases

DeltaMaster is so flexible that analyses for any operational and strategic questions can be mapped easily and quickly in different detail widths and depths. At the same time, DeltaMaster is a standard product. It is delivered to all customers the same way and remains compatible with all existing customer applications during updates.

This creates investment security. Companies can be sure that future analysis requirements can also be implemented with DeltaMaster.


Branche Handel

More and more applications – more and more data: Retailers face the challenge of using supply chain data, online customer data, point-of-sale (POS) information, voucher data and other sources to generate fuel for their business – without drowning in the flood of data.

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Real estate

The digital transformation of the real estate and housing industry has begun. DeltaMaster provides the necessary transparency to intelligently evaluate the wealth of available data and control key performance indicators.

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As for any company, the economic principle applies to hospitals as well – but not only: At the same time, evidence-based and patient-centered care must be guaranteed. Hospitals must be managed according to medical and economic requirements in order to remain marketable. DeltaMaster shows when and where action is needed.

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Industrial manufacturers establish central key performance indicator systems that map the entire value chain and provide controllable key performance indicators for each area of responsibility. If, for example, there is a change in the level of service or adherence to schedules, the causes can be traced back down to the last detail across all stages and levels of the value chain. DeltaMaster helps to better understand the processes.

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There is no other area in the company where savings can be made as quickly and effectively as purchasing. The prerequisites for this are transparent prices, quantity structures and purchasing volumes as well as processes and supplier relationships. DeltaMaster provides the necessary transparency and shows when and where action is required.

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In order to ensure the long-term liquidity of the company, control capital flows and prepare investment and financing decisions, financial controlling requires detailed knowledge of the figures. DeltaMaster supplies these, together with the necessary recommendations for action.

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Customer service

Better understand customer service issues: Again and again, it is important to act quickly and directly on operational processes instead of looking backwards at a few condensed key figures. With DeltaMaster, you can plan, analyze and report on your key customer service figures.

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Sales controlling is one of the key functions of the company’s long-term success. Goal-oriented sales controlling supports and controls sales processes instead of just controlling them. DeltaMaster provides the necessary transparency and shows when and where action is required.

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The technology group Voith uses DeltaMaster in strategic corporate purchasing for the analysis of expenditures and procurement activities as well as for reporting. The solution is designed worldwide and at the same time takes local conditions into account.

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Deuter Sport

“I was thrilled,” Egbert Veit enthuses. In just three days, he had put a Business Intelligence solution into productive use at Deuter Sport GmbH. “I wouldn’t have thought it possible to implement it so quickly.”

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“For control purposes, decision-relevant analyses based on a uniform company-wide database must be available at all levels of the company, from management to the operational level.

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Media Markt

“When I first saw DeltaMaster, it was science fiction for me,” Harald Huber remembers his first encounter with business intelligence software. Today, DeltaMaster is in real use every day – as an indispensable tool for employees in specialist departments.

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