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Interview with AHAG Unternehmensberatung

“The investment in DeltaMaster quickly pays off.”

Daniel Althoff, AHAG Unternehmensberatung

Why Partner of Bissantz?

The question is very easy to answer: our long-term experience as a user of DeltaMaster and the resulting enthusiasm for the product and for Bissantz. Before establishing our own company, the other founders and I worked together in the electrical industry and deployed DeltaMaster throughout the whole company. It soon became clear that a good implementation of DeltaMaster in each sector, no matter whether in procurement, sales or even logistics department, represents a real added value. Bissantz has always provided us with advice and support, therefore it was highly desirable for us to become a partner with Bissantz on our way to self-employment.

How would you describe the partnership experience with Bissantz?

It fits perfectly together for us. As a management consulting company, we are part of the business administration field. In many projects we work together with a close partner, a very large Business Consultancy. In this case, DeltaMaster applications should efficiently provide answers to different business questions. Thanks to our partnership with Bissantz we receive full support when it comes to mastering the technical challenges in our projects. It always works very fast and uncomplicated. A big thanks goes out to Bissantz Support!

What fascinates you about

What impresses me most about every project or application is the ease and simplicity of building up complex data analyses. At this point, I would like to mention the predefined analysis methods and the outstanding visualization, for example the Hyperbrowser or the Graphical Tables as a starting point for predefined analysis paths. And that’s exactly what helps our customers in the e-commerce sector to easily draw conclusions and suggestions for action from their data. And that’s what really matters to us.

Your unique experience
with customers?

With this question, I am recalling an experience with one of our major customers. With the help of pricing reports, we were able to detect unit pricing errors on an article-customer-level. The software identified, and still does, the invoice items that have not been properly invoiced. All in all, it ended up being a big sum. Therefore, the investments in DeltaMaster payed off very quickly. Despite the large amount of data, DeltaMaster makes it possible to quickly dive into the business-relevant details.

“Full support – a big thanks goes to the support of Bissantz!”

Daniel Althoff, AHAG Unternehmensberatung

Your highlight?

It’s quite difficult to name only one highlight, since we experienced many of them, such as the great event today with many exciting presentations and user stories which always inspire me. However, I would like to mention one special highlight: the DeltaMaster web application which represents the basis for our own product – Data Wow. It is a smart controlling system from the cloud used for e-commerce – Try it and get inspired!

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