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Bissantz Bixel

What's new in DeltaMaster

released on October 30th 2020

The web client now also supports Comparator and Multiples reports. Planning applications become more flexible due to finer differentiated authorisations and input conditions. And mobile reports announce an upcoming extension of the Bissantz DashBoard.

All features in detail
  • Comparator: available in Web client
  • Diagnosis: disabling execution of MDX and SQL queries
  • Diagnosis: disabling logging of communication with the repository
  • Graphical Table: applying measure filter to member drill-down (Axis Definition/Options)
  • Graphical Table: displaying number of rows in status bar (Table Properties/General)
  • Mobile Report: displaying history as sparkline in Actual column and exporting history data
  • Modeling (relational): defining set of members in calculated member using SQL query
  • Multiples: available in Web client
  • Planning: allowing data input depending on MDX condition (Report Properties/Data Input)
  • Repository: maintaining data entry permission per application, folder, and report
  • Time Series Analysis: hiding outliers (Properties/Chart)

released on September 16th 2020

New in version 6.3.3 is, among other things, an additional role for applications in the repository: As “report recipient (extended)” it is possible to edit reports without changing the existing application. This allows report recipients to spontaneously create their own evaluations, but the application in the repository is protected and can only be edited by report editors. In addition: A space-saving summary of report title and filter bar allows reports to be presented in an even more compact way. In relational applications, calculations with time analysis elements are more flexible than before, the user-defined expressions have been extended and can also be used in the column editor. The SQL Drill Through and Graphical Table in relational applications can read and display images that are stored as binary data (blobs) directly in the database. And last, but not least: Most report actions can now be undone, step by step with Ctrl+Z!

All features in detail
  • General: reverting and restoring report operations using undo/redo function (Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Y)
  • General: integrating report title and control bar into filter bar, in order to save space (Report Properties, General tab)
  • General: compact format of numbers extended to trillions
  • General: hiding status bar in presentation mode (Report Properties, General tab)
  • App: logging in using Identity Server (authentication mode: single sign-on)
  • Graphical Table (relational): entering user-defined expressions based on time dimension in column editor
  • Graphical Table (relational): displaying images modeled as binary data (blobs) in member property
  • Graphical Table (relational): treating predefined navigation steps as network
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services: configuring solve order of MDX calculations (SCOPE_ISOLATION property) per report (Report Properties, Advanced tab)
  • Modeling (relational): modeling binary data of images (blobs) as member property
  • Modeling (relational): new user-defined expressions for time analysis members available – linear regression, range with step
  • Modeling (relational): using time analysis members in calculated members
  • Repository: new role “Report Recipient (extended)” available (permits editing reports, prevents overwriting application)
  • Selfservice: OLAP Accelerator no longer activated by default
  • SQL Drill Through: displaying images saved as binary data (blobs) in database table
  • SQL Drill Through: referencing database server and name in external links using variables (@@Server, @@Database)

released on July 3rd 2020

Another data mining method is now available: the Comparator. It automates a common form of structural comparison: two key figures are specified and it is possible to determine, across all relevant dimensions, where the structures deviate from normal conditions. As a result, it delivers objects with significant distribution differences, for example products or sales territories with a low share of revenues and a high share of discounts. Geo-Analysis offers new options for displaying the markers of locations. In relational applications, a drill-down is now also possible into calculated elements that define a quantity. And planning becomes even more performant through the conditional display of cell comments.

Bissantz Bild
All features in detail
  • General: displaying reports without report weather using neutral background (Edit menu)
  • Comparator: available as a new analysis method
  • Filter Context (relational): restricting selection of members
  • Filter Bar: configuring view when opening report in presentation mode (report properties)
  • Geo Analysis: defining image for markers based on member property
  • Geo Analysis: defining color for markers based on distinct member property values
  • Graphical Table: displaying numbers in compact format starting from 1.000, 10.000, or 100.000
  • Graphical Table (relational): using drill-down and roll-up for calculated members constituting sets
  • Modeling (relational): defining calculated members as calculations between measures on the measure axis
  • Modeling (relational): showing relationships as matrix and validating data integrity (Structure)
  • Portal: configuring heading
  • SQL Drill Through: displaying images in detail view
  • Cell Comments: enabling or disabling display for cells depending on MDX condition

released on April 30th 2020

In Graphical Tables, the typographically scaled numbers of Bissantz’Numbers can now be scaled by line or column, the line height can be standardized. Once again, we have improved the support for relational data sources: Time elements can be addressed very flexibly with special expressions, and in self-service applications DeltaMaster ensures referential integrity. An AI module detects postings with negative values and helps to improve the comprehensibility of reports and variance analyses for such posting logic. A new detailed view provides a better overview in reports from the SQL Drill Through; report-specific templates allow differentiated HTML export of data records. And we have also made further advances in the scalability and performance of the web client.

Bissantz Bild
All features in detail
  • General: hiding empty filter bar and empty control bar in presentation mode (report properties)
  • General: Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2012 or newer required
  • General (relational): referencing ancestor members and table fields with variables in report and folder titles
  • App: logging in password-free (authentication mode: anonymous)
  • Diagnosis: including WITH expression when adding calculated members or measures in query editor
  • Diagnosis: executing MDX and SQL queries asynchronously, and cancelling on demand or automatically (timeout)
  • Graphical Table: creating base reports of Flexreport in report folder
  • Graphical Table: scaling Bissantz‘Numbers by row or by column
  • Graphical Table: displaying Bissantz‘Numbers with uniform row height
  • Graphical Table (relational): selecting time members on axis based on user-defined expression
  • Modeling: exporting alias set to (and importing from) repository table
  • Modeling: checking measures with negative values whether inverting sign is to be recommended
  • Modeling (relational): combining measures from different fact tables (Union measure)
  • Modeling (relational): modeling fact tables of different granularity in star schema
  • Modeling (relational): defining time-analysis members based on user-defined expression
  • Portal: display of available applications renamed
  • Publish: running job group via graphical user interface
  • Publish: sorting jobs by name
  • SQL Drill Through: exporting data records using report-specific HTML template
  • SQL Drill Through: showing and hiding fields depending on visibility condition (settings)
  • SQL Drill Through: displaying fields in new details view
  • SQL Selfservice: checking referential integrity in relations between table fields
  • Web Client: using connection pooling setting also in Web Service, to improve query performance

released on March 13th 2020

Highlights are the extensions of the analysis modules PowerSearch and Multiples. The PowerSearch data mining module now also examines the interaction of several characteristics and reveals the most important combinations (tuples). In the multiple reports of the Multiples, you can select a value in one sub-report and use it to filter the other sub-reports. DeltaApp version 1.6.0 has been released in parallel. It simplifies switching between percentage and absolute deviations and allows mobile business intelligence applications to be called up using a service. The integrated sample applications from Bissantz already use this option – so that you can get to know or present the app even more easily.

Bissantz Bild
All features in detail
  • General: DeltaMaster 5 applications no longer supported
  • App: opening only folders containing the start report after opening application
  • DeltaApp: receiving applications via service
  • DeltaApp: swiping from absolute to relative variance simplified
  • Geo Analysis: performance improved
  • Graphical Table (relational): combining measure filter with time analysis members
  • Graphical Table (relational): sorting and nesting multiple dimensions on the row axis
  • Multiples: using value from one sub-report to filter the other sub-reports (Ctrl + mouse click)
  • Oracle: creating planning applications
  • PowerSearch, Ranking: displaying level names using “Levels” Magic Button
  • PowerSearch: analyzing combinations of characteristics (“Tuples” Magic Button)
  • SAP HANA: modelling external views provided by SAP BW4/HANA using AutoModel
  • SAP HANA: modeling fact data of different granularity
  • SQL Drill Through: changing column width using the mouse
  • SQL Selfservice: reviewing time dimension modeling and recommending improvements
  • SQL Selfservice: skipping Prepare
  • URL View: available in Web client
  • Web Client: enabling filter bar in portal mode

released on May 8th, 2020

Among other things, we have extended our support for relational databases. This allows you to build parent-child hierarchies directly in DeltaMaster for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA and even for self-service applications based on Microsoft Excel files. This type of modeling is particularly used when a hierarchy has different depths. Also referred to as unbalanced or ragged hierarchies, they are quite common in business intelligence, for example in the form of profit and loss statements.

Bissantz Bild
All features in detail
  • Dashboard: searching applications
  • Graphical Table: highlighting entire rows/columns of the last navigation step in all reports (Options, Presentation)
  • Tile Navigation: scaling Bissantz‘Numbers logarithmically
  • Mobile Report: preconfiguring export file to use it as template when exporting
  • Modeling (relational): modeling parent-child hierarchies
  • Publish: using export template for mobile reports

Compatible DeltaMaster 5 version: Maintenance Pack 6.2.9 (MP 6.2.9)

Notice: Starting with version 6.3.0, DeltaMaster 6 will use a different storage concept than DeltaMaster 5. From then on, DeltaMaster 6 will only support applications that have been saved by DeltaMaster 6. Maintenance Packs will only be provided up to version 6.2.9.

released on November 22th, 2019

The highlight of this version is a new report type: the URL view, which can be used to integrate web applications and websites. Links to other reports can be created from the geo-analysis. We have refined the zoom levels of sparklines, accelerated browsing, and improved the display of time series in graphical tables. The kiosk mode can be adjusted for multi-screen operation. Parallel to DeltaMaster, a new version of DeltaApp has been released that allows you to filter the KPIs in the app. New animations make the transitions between the data views easier for the eye.

Bissantz Bild
All features in detail
  • Browsing: Calculation accelerated, responsiveness improved
  • Dashboard: Displaying repositories and folders of application tiles remotely
  • DeltaApp: Excluding Outliers from Scaling
  • DeltaApp: Clarifying Interaction through Animation
  • DeltaApp: Filter KPI
  • DeltaApp: Customize Optics with Theme File
  • DeltaApp: Request password when opening DBC files
  • DeltaApp: Process unnamed elements
  • Diagnosis: Log Context of Queries
  • Diagnostics: Run MDX and SQL queries and measure execution time
  • ETL: available in version 6.2.8
  • Filter bar: Display of inactive report filter improved
  • Geo-analysis: remove the marking of locations by drag-and-drop onto the delete area (trash)
  • Geo-analysis: define links from areas to other reports
  • Graphical table: define axis as element selection (instead of plane selection) when dragging and dropping a multiple selection of elements from the filter bar
  • Graphical table: display deviations in separate steps when zooming sparklines
  • Graphical table: Drag and drop layer or element selection in Small Multiples to remove them
  • Graphical table: Compact visualization of time series on the column axis (magic button “Graphic/Auto”)
  • Kiosk mode: use all monitors (command line parameter “-useallscreens”)
  • Mobile Report: Setting the Password for Export File Encryption
  • Multiples: Export report, as a whole or as individual reports
  • Planning: Enhancement menu improved
  • Portfolio analysis: Remove analysis value for bubble area by drag-and-drop
  • Selfservice: use faster database as cache (SQLite instead of VistaDB)
  • SQL penetration: automatically convert field links (settings) to report links
  • URL view: available as a new report type for using web applications and displaying web pages

Compatible DeltaMaster 5 version: Maintenance Pack 6.2.6 (MP 6.2.6)

released on August 23rd, 2019

The new version offers more data mining, more automation, more performance, more ease of use – and a lot more besides. The PowerSearch analytical method is a kind of multidimensional ranking that identifies the drivers of a KPI, both positive and negative, and displays the results as a snazzy Graphical Table. The new component also opens up new analysis and presentation options for Ranking. Reports in the web browsers can now be updated automatically, making it easier to set up kiosk systems. A new quick view speeds up the output of Graphical Tables in web browsers. Configuring mobile devices in enterprise environments can be simplified, and the Repository makes it possible to set up policies on the use of current versions.

Bissantz Bild
All features in detail
  • App: configuring server settings via MobileIron
  • Geo Analysis: receiving measure for choropleth map from links
  • Graphical Table: highlighting entire rows/columns of the last navigation step
  • Modeling: always displaying the sign of a measure (measure properties, Format tab)
  • Multiples: entering data using transaction control
  • Planning: extension menu available in web client
  • Planning: quickly importing mass data (bulk import)
  • PowerSearch: available as new analysis method (data mining)
  • Ranking: new, more powerful module available
  • Repository: configuring applications to require minimum client version
  • SQL Drill Through: limiting line wrap (properties)
  • Web Client: updating report automatically, as in kiosk mode
  • Web Client: Quick View improved
  • Time Series Analysis: optionally omitting null values

Compatible DeltaMaster 5 version: Maintenance Pack 6.2.5 (MP 6.2.5)


released on May 31st, 2019

The new Multiples report type is the highlight of this version. It allows multiple DeltaMaster reports to be displayed next to each other in order to enable cross-report analyses. Mobile reports for DeltaApp are even more flexible than before and can also be defined without any variances or cumulations, for example. And there is another new feature for enterprise applications: DeltaMaster supports IdentityServer4 (IDS) as well as extended authentication options so that external users outside the Microsoft environment and the Active Directory, e.g. sales partners or customers, can also be given access to DeltaMaster applications. When publishing, a new report format makes it easier to send notifications by text message so that even large distribution lists can be clearly informed that fresh reports are available. And what’s more, the DeltaMaster app is now also available for Android.

Bissantz Bild
All features in detail
  • General: enabling authentication without Active Directory
  • App: Android version available
  • Geo Analysis: importing settings and reports from another application
  • Graphical Table: displaying accurate or original numbers in the status bar when compact or percentage presentation is active
  • Graphical Table: defining a row as the 100 percent base, displaying other rows as a share of this base row (“100%” Magic Button)
  • Help: watching training videos
  • Mobile Report: defining columns more flexibly
  • Modeling: defining number format of members using member properties
  • Multiples: available as new report type, to display multiple reports side by side
  • Parent-Child Editor: editing in DeltaMaster 6
  • Publish: sending notifications only, without a report (“message” report format)
  • Web Client: configuring an alert regarding not recommended browsers
  • Time Series Analysis: tool tips for points and lines in standardized time series improved

Compatible DeltaMaster 5 version: Maintenance Pack 6.2.4 (MP 6.2.4)

released on May 17th, 2019

Among other things, we present a new variant for defining mobile reports for DeltaApp using measures if auxiliary dimensions such as period view are not available. In applications with an account dimension, the necessary filter KPIs can now be generated automatically and easily applied to mobile reports. A new module for SQL Drill Through works with stored procedures to open up new options for integrating relational data.

Bissantz Bild
All features in detail
  • General: report list and menus fixed to the top border of the window
  • General: performance improved in further areas
  • App: setting up client certificate and two-factor authentication
  • App: compatibility with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
  • App: synchronizing request timeout with Web client
  • Editing: referencing period names using variables in relational applications
  • Editing: Standard Report option removed
  • Geo Analysis: using measures (instead of member properties) as longitude and latitude
  • Mobile Report: taking cumulation and variances from measures (without utility dimensions)
  • Mobile Report: automatically reviewing structure and recommending improvements
  • Modeling: KPI and Main Dimensions section removed from Logic page
  • Modeling: defining KPI view based on account dimension
  • PDF Export: fragmenting tables and spreading them across multiple pages
  • Planning: selecting multiple members as a report filter in hybrid models
  • Planning: copying using drag-and-drop in hybrid models
  • SQL Drill Through: new, more powerful module available
  • SQL Drill Through: executing stored procedures
  • SQL Drill Through: defining links to DeltaMaster reports
  • SQL Drill Through: grouping rows with gaps
  • Web Client: stability and performance improved for large reports
  • Web Client: clipboard support improved in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Time Series Analysis: using a dimension other than the standard time dimension for analysis

Compatible DeltaMaster 5 version: DeltaMaster 5 Maintenance Pack 6.2.3 (MP 6.2.3)

All features in detail

  • Filter Bar: displaying dimensions and selected members in columns
  • Geo Analysis: outlining areas
  • Geo Analysis: alerting to invalid coordinates
  • Tile Navigation: swapping values within the tile via drag-and-drop
  • Mobile Report: exporting quotient measures

Compatible DeltaMaster 5 version: DeltaMaster 5 Maintenance Pack 6.2.2 (MP 6.2.2)

released on February 15th, 2019

Among other things, we present the Performance Doctor for analyzing and remedying performance issues. Tile navigation has achieved release status and is also available in the web client. Navigating is even clearer when hierarchy menus are displayed in a condensed form. And the Publisher Service allows jobs to be executed on different computers.

Bissantz Bild
All features in detail
  • General: using Performance Doctor to analyze and remedy performance issues
  • Report List: using Tile Navigation instead of tiles on folder title pages
  • Dashboard: labeling application tiles in different languages in web client
  • Export: support for Microsoft Office 2019
  • Geo Analysis: allowing or avoiding overlapping when showing values for places
  • Geo Analysis: using levels for areas, places, or both when dragging and dropping it
  • Tile Navigation: available in web client
  • Modeling: selecting Alias Set implicitly according to current language
  • Navigate: saving space in hierarchy menus (Options, General)
  • Planning: selecting multiple members as a report filter in hybrid planning applications
  • Publish: executing Publisher jobs on a remote machine (Publisher Service)
  • SAP HANA: integrating modifications of calculation views into application automatically (model synchronization using AutoModel)
  • SAP HANA: defining time spans as measures
  • Web Client: configuring password-free login as a predefined user

Compatible DeltaMaster 5 version: DeltaMaster 5 Maintenance Pack 6.2.1 (MP 6.2.1) and 6.2.3

released on November 16th, 2018 and
released on January 17th, 2019

Among other things, we present new visualization options in Geo Analysis and tile navigation, the administration of the application status and database reference date in the dashboard, plus simplifications for modeling and editing. We also go into the less visible changes, including performance improvements and measures for ensuring graphical integrity in time series. And, of course, we present the current status of DeltaApp. Take a look – it’s worth it!

Bissantz Bild
All features in detail
  • General: importing application components from DAS file (Maintenance Dialog)
  • General: hiding report title in Presentation Mode (Report Properties)
  • General: caching SQL queries in relational applications (Options, System)
  • General: using “” and “” variables in MDX and SQL expressions
  • Dashboard: displaying application status
  • Dashboard: displaying reference date of the database
  • Geo Analysis: showing names and values directly on the map in web client
  • Graphical Table: defining external links for copying to clipboard
  • Graphical Table (Relational): saving and reusing axis definition
  • Tile Navigation: increasing and decreasing size of tiles, automatically or manually
  • Mobile Report: exporting quotient measures defined in the OLAP database
  • Modeling (relational): defining sets of members within calculated members
  • Modeling (relational): setting solve order for quotient measures and user-defined measures
  • Navigate: omitting remaining members when showing top/bottom members
  • Publish: updating job definition database in Microsoft SQL Server automatically, or creating tables in empty database
  • Publish: separate schemas for job definition databases of DeltaMaster 5 ReportServer and DeltaMaster 6 Publisher
  • Time Series Analysis: displaying recommendation to use logarithmic scaling

Compatible DeltaMaster 5 version: DeltaMaster 5 Maintenance Pack 6.2.0 (MP 6.2.0)

released on September 7th, 2018

In particular, we show you how you can now configure mobile reports even more easily in order to supply data to DeltaApp, our new product line. Other focal points include Geo Analysis, tile navigation, and connecting to SAP HANA.

Bissantz Bild
All features in detail
  • Filter Bar: applying multiple found members as filter by clicking in the report
  • Geo Analysis: showing names and values for areas directly on the map
  • Geo Analysis: hiding places with 0-coordinates
  • Graphical Table: automatic navigation is enabled if no navigation is predefined
  • Graphical Table: keeping order of members from member selection in inverted hierarchy, e.g. for P&L structure
  • Tile Navigation: flipping tile in order to switch between simple and full view
  • Tile Navigation: performing navigation steps in alternation instead of concatenated
  • Tile Navigation: defining use of measures as evaluation or navigation KPI
  • Mobile Report: showing and hiding zero values
  • Mobile Report: compressing and encrypting database file
  • Mobile Report: partitioning large volumes of data for export
  • Mobile Report: inserting monthly cumulation (“month to date”) using “cumulated/MTD“ Magic Button
  • Mobile Report: predefining report-specific navigation steps using drag-and-drop
  • Mobile Report: separate license required for use of mobile reports
  • SAP HANA: modeling calculation views with star join using AutoModel
  • SAP HANA: modeling parent-child hierarchies
  • SAP HANA: checking whether connection pooling is enabled
  • Maintenance Dialog: renaming all tables together
  • Cell Comments: creating and updating database tables

Compatible DeltaMaster 5 version: DeltaMaster 5 Maintenance Pack 6.1.9 (MP 6.1.9)

released on July 13th, 2018

In particular, we discuss the improvements for modeling self-service applications and the new operation and presentation methods in Graphical Tables, Geo Analysis, and tile navigation. Mobile reports, the new report type that forms the basis for DeltaApp, is only discussed in brief because it was presented in detail in the “DeltaApp” webinar last week. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording via the link at the end of this mail.

Bissantz Bild
All features in detail
  • Report List: showing technical report IDs (Edit mode)
  • Geo Analysis: showing values for places directly in the map
  • Graphical Table: creating new report using Ctrl+N keyboard shortcut (instead of Ctrl+M)
  • Graphical Table: applying “cumulated” Magic Button also without “Deltas”
  • Tile Navigation: defining navigation measure, in addition to information measure and evaluation measure
  • Mobile Report: available as new report type, to feed DeltaApp
  • Modeling: labeling levels with hierarchy names in external values from Microsoft Excel, to distinguish them
  • Publisher: exporting mobile reports
  • SAP BW/Netweaver BI: using the Netweaver RFC API (instead of RFC API)
  • Selfservice: joining multiple dimensions from the same dimension table with the fact table
  • Selfservice: joining tables with composite keys
  • Web: selecting multiple members from the search results and applying them as filter (Ctrl+mouse click, Shift+mouse click)

Compatible DeltaMaster 5 version: DeltaMaster 5 Maintenance Pack 6.1.8 (MP 6.1.8)

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