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Press reviews

2019-09 BI Scout: “Big Data and data analytics – the digital turbo charge for in-store retailers”

BI Scout, Würzburg, Germany: The business intelligence provider Bissantz & Company is taking various measures to reflect the growing importance of digitalization in retail – with a particular focus on helping companies to select the dose of data that is right for them.

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2019-09 “Bella blogs” – a portrait of BI pioneer Dr. Nicolas Bissantz in the Nürnberger Nachrichten

The Nürnberger Nachrichten newspaper dedicates a full-page profile in the business section to our founder and managing partner – and his blogging office dog Bella. “He is a maverick, and almost a bit of an oddball: Nicolas Bissantz, the man for whom data cannot be big enough, the man with a dog for a consultant, the man who researches human perception and goes motor racing.”

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2019-07 Bissantz releases DeltaMaster app for Android

The business intelligence provider Bissantz & Company announces the availability of the DeltaMaster app for Android. This means that applications and reports from the DeltaMaster business intelligence software can now be used with all current mobile operating systems.

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2019-07 “Cars have become nerds on wheels” – interview in ramp

A conversation with Dr. Nicolas Bissantz, managing partner and founder of Bissantz & Company. He explains why the modern automobile still has its weaknesses, and how Bissantz’Numbers can be used in cars.

In issue #46 of ramp magazine

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2019-06 Bissantz company profile in BARC Guide BI 2019

Bissantz & Company works with certified sales and project partners around the world and conducts research along with leading professors and scientific institutions. Bissantz’s BI tool, DeltaMaster, provides support for planning, analysis, and reporting, thus enabling extensive projects.

In issue 2019 of BARC Guide magazine

2019-05 “Managers don’t need a yellow light to tell them ‘maybe’” – interview in REthinking Finance

Fads and methods in business intelligence: In this interview*, Dr. Nicolas Bissantz talks with Professor Karsten Oehler – and takes some clear stances.

2019-04 is report: “Artificial intelligence makes controlling easier”

Planning and controlling are among the basic tasks of business intelligence. Companies use specialized tools to manage and monitor budgets while protecting themselves against risks. This includes the DeltaMaster BI software from Bissantz & Company.

In issue 02/2019 of is report magazine

2019-03 BARC: “Challenger in integrated planning and BI”

BARC has published two rankings for providers of CPM software. Bissantz & Company is included in the Challenger category for integrated planning and BI.

In issue 04/2019 of E-3 magazine

2019-02 is report: “DeltaApp: The business intelligence app every decision-maker needs”

Simplicity means clarity combined with reliability. DeltaApp from Bissantz & Company achieves this while enabling management reporting on the move.

In the IT trend report 2019 issue of is report magazine

2018-11 BI Survey 18 – DeltaMaster again number one for Visual Design Standards

The manufacturer-independent user survey “The BI Survey” is considered to be the most important in the global business intelligence (BI) market. DeltaMaster from Bissantz & Company performed extremely well in the BI Survey 18, with 96 percent of DeltaMaster users saying they would recommend the product. DeltaMaster was voted number one for “Visual Design Standards” across all peer groups. All in all, DeltaMaster received eight #1 rankings and was rated as a leader in a further 40 categories.

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2018-11 Bissantz takes over sponsorship of lecture theater at alma mater FAU

The software manufacturer Bissantz & Company is now the sponsor of a lecture theater at FAU University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. At the start of the 2018/19 winter semester, lecture theater H6 in the new building on Lange Gasse in Nuremberg was renamed the “Bissantz lecture theater”. With its sponsorship, the Nuremberg-based company is helping to modernize the hall with new media technology and improve study conditions in the School of Business, Economics and Society.

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2018-08 “Blue is the better green” – interview in ramp

Issue 42 of the multi-award-winning avant-garde car culture magazine ramp is dedicated to the color blue from various perspectives. Data analysis pioneer Dr. Nicolas Bissantz, who has long called for more blue to be used in information design, was interviewed by editor-in-chief Michael Köckritz.

2018-05 SERVICETODAY: “Business intelligence in service: Analytical reporting at VELUX”

BI applications in service management are discussed in a report entitled “Internet of Things: A blessing and a curse”. It is essential for management to maintain an overview of KPIs so that it can control service business. In searching for the ideal business intelligence tool, the technical customer service department at VELUX Deutschland GmbH found that Bissantz had what it needed.

In issue 02/2018 of SERVICETODAY magazine

2017-11 Roland Berger magazine: “Germany’s Big Data pioneer”

“Let’s talk about complexity!” This is the invitation issued by consulting firm Roland Berger in the 23rd issue of its management magazine, Think:Act. One of the topics covered is neuroscience, the concept of a “neuroscientific management system” – and what we have found in our high-speed business intelligence laboratory. The magazine talks about our experiments with Hans-Joachim Stuck on the Nordschleife loop at the Nürburgring and describes our founder, Dr. Nicolas Bissantz, as “Germany’s Big Data pioneer”.

2017-09 Automobil Industrie magazine: “Research lab on the racetrack”

The Nuremberg-based Bissantz & Company makes and markets business intelligence software. Managing director Dr. Nicolas Bissantz takes his own unique approach to product development and enhancement – which is why he took to the Nordschleife loop at the Nürburgring alongside racing driver Hans-Joachim Stuck.

In issue 09/2017 of Automobil Industrie magazine, Motorsport Engineering special issue

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2017-07 BI Scout: “Diagrams are a detour”

Interview with BI Scout: Motor racing, neurobiology, eye tracking, business intelligence and numbergrams. The scene marvels – and has questions.

2017-05 CFO aktuell: “Analytical, appealing, agile: Business intelligence at Papstar”

Issue 3/2017 of CFO aktuell includes a project report entitled “Analytical, appealing, agile: Business intelligence at Papstar” from the ÖCI/BARC Best Practice Award. It describes how Papstar was able to improve the impact of its existing business intelligence systems with the “BI Analytics” project. Key aspects included taking a pragmatic approach and using DeltaMaster’s analytical methods and reporting standards, both of which quickly led to success.

2017-05 Controlling & Management Review: “OSCAR project with DeltaMaster makes a splash at Leica”

Volker Hagemann, Head of Controlling at Leica Camera AG, described the “OSCAR” business intelligence project using DeltaMaster as the front-end solution in an interview with Prof. Jürgen Weber, Director of the Institute of Management Accounting and Control, in Controlling & Management Review magazine and at the International Association of Controllers (ICV) Congress in Munich in May.

2017-03 “Big Data describes the problem, but not the solution” – interview in WuM

In the February issue of Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management (WuM), Peter Mertens talks with Nicolas Bissantz about data, what it’s made of, and how it can be visualized. One of Nicolas Bissantz’s stances is that Big Data often describes existing problems, but not specific solutions. That sets him apart from some of his colleagues in the business intelligence industry.

2017-02 is report: “DeltaMaster – Software for planning, budgeting and forecasting”

Issue 2/2017 of the is report presents seven BI tools that help companies with budgeting, planning, controlling, and forecasting. Including DeltaMaster.

2016-12 Studio F.A. Porsche: “The Porsche design for DeltaMaster – functional can be beautiful”

Studio F.A. Porsche has redesigned its website. The homepage showcases projects they are justifiably proud of. Including the product design for the sixth generation of our DeltaMaster business intelligence software and the design for our corporate identity.

2016-12 AHAG realizes a logistics information system at GAH Alberts using DeltaMaster

Our certified professional partner AHAG Unternehmensberatung was commissioned by Gust. Alberts GmbH & Co. KG to design and construct a logistics information system.

2016-12 MHPPitstop Webinar: “Intuitive data analysis based on SAP HANA”

 MHP Management‑ und IT-Beratung GmbH is a long-standing partner of Bissantz. With its impressive symbiosis of management and IT consulting, it offers comprehensive IT expertise accompanied by detailed process knowledge. Although it is a Porsche subsidiary, MHP also applies its strategic innovations to a wide range of sectors beyond the automotive industry. Standard platforms such as SAP HANA are playing an increasing role in these activities, which is why MHP has also chosen to specialize in the interplay between DeltaMaster and SAP HANA. On December 6, 2016, a webinar entitled “Intuitive data analysis based on SAP HANA” was held as part of the MHPPitstop series. In it, MHP and Bissantz demonstrated how well DeltaMaster and SAP HANA work together to create effective reports.

2016-03 PIT AG: DeltaMaster in the Microsoft Azure cloud

Our partner PIT Informationssysteme AG from Windisch (Switzerland) has been implementing BI projects using DeltaMaster for more than 20 years. It is convinced by the benefits and advantages of DeltaMaster in the Microsoft Azure cloud, which it describes on its website.

2015-10 BI Survey 15: DeltaMaster achieves five #1 rankings

In the user survey “The BI Survey 15”, DeltaMaster from Bissantz & Company achieved first place in its peer group in five categories and was rated as a leader in a further thirteen categories.

2013-01 “Data remains shy and cruel” – interview in GDI Impuls magazine

Alexander Ross talks with Dr. Nicolas Bissantz about searching for, finding and recognizing Big Data. The interview appeared in issue 01/2013 of GDI Impuls, the knowledge magazine for the economy, society, and commerce.

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