Short makes long

Poor tyres brake poorly. And need more fuel. Says the ADAC, the German motoring club. And has drawn a picture. With car and road markings. So you can see the differences in braking. Good idea. Measured with things you know.

Quelle: ADAC Motorwelt 4/2013, Seite 42.
Source: magazine from the ADAC 4/2013, page 42.

Oops! Something funny here. Look out of the window. Pretty short, such a car. Pretty long, such a line. How long, says the minister of transport:

On motorways 6 meters line and 12 meters gap.
Otherwise 4 meters line and 8 meters gap.
Within the city 3 meters line and 6 meters gap.

The driver in the graphic drives 80 kilometers per hour. So he better be driving on a country road. For a difference in braking distance of 3 meters the graphic draws about 5 lines and 5 gaps. 5 x 4 plus 5 x 8 is 60 meters.

To measure with things you know is good. But then you have to draw with it.