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Bissantz Bixel

Bissantz Dashboard – The Business Intelligence app

Business intelligence is moving – from the desktop to the smartphone – and thus to where it’s needed. Because mobile management reporting begins in the meeting area of your office and not just when traveling. The necessary, up-to-date information and analyses have to fit in your jacket pocket and be as easy to navigate as a telephone call. With Bissantz DashBoard, we show you how.

The Bissantz DashBoard was developed for the special requirements of mobile reporting. The basic idea was: what doesn’t fit on the screen of a smartphone hardly passes through the eye of a scarce attention in everyday management. That’s why the Bissantz DashBoard combines data navigation, variance analysis and key figure comparison in a compact and understandable form.

Bissantz DashBoard

The DashBoard combines data navigation, deviation analysis and key figure comparison in a compact and understandable form.

Easy access

We have made access to the details as easy as possible. With wiping and typing you can access absolute and relative values in compact notation and written out in full.

"Haptic Reasoning"

We paid particular attention to data navigation: People prefer to operate smartphones with just their thumb and in portrait orientation. Bissantz DashBoard therefore organizes all operation sequences so that a swipe of the thumb displays the most relevant figures for a logical commercial approach in any given scenario. This means that a few glances and swipes are all it takes to see where action is needed. We call the concept used to develop Bissantz DashBoard haptic reasoning and have patented it.

No diversion via diagrams

Bissantz’Numbers, the two-color scheme and AI heuristics for variance analysis that we have also patented, was previously available in DeltaMaster only, but now ensures that the figures can be understood. The aim of business intelligence is to turn numbers into calls to action. The graphic coding of figures in diagrams would be an unreliable diversion. In contrast, the typographic scaling of Bissantz’Numbers fulfills the primary task of graphic elements reliably and simply. It guides the eye in the order in which values should be seen and read.

Simple data provision

You can provide data for Bissantz DashBoard as “mobile reports” on your PC. By dragging and dropping, you can define which KPIs you want to keep an eye on in the app, which deviations are important, for example from planning or the previous year, and which dimensions should be navigable, for example customer groups, product groups, or the sales organization. You can export the mobile reports and send them to your smarthpone, most easily by e-mail or webserver. Including automatically and for many recipients, with customized data excerpts.

Principles and building blocks

Using typical key figures for corporate management, we show how the Bissantz DashBoard works and which modules and principles interlock. Whatever key figures you are interested in, the DashBoard can handle them. It can also handle all data sources that are commonly used in applications in organizations and companies.

„Connecting Numbers and People”

Today, decisions must be made faster and under disruptive conditions. Mobile business intelligence is not only geared to the needs “on the road”, but is becoming a matter of course in companies – right into the meeting corner of your own office.


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The Bissantz DashBoard was developed for the iPhone and devices with Android operating system and is now available in both Apple’s AppStore and Google’s Play Store.

Try Bissantz DashBoard

Experience yourself how easy it is to swipe through your data with the Bissantz DashBoard! With our data service you can have any key figures and structures on your smartphone in no time at all. Simple statistics and lists as well as tables with transaction and master data, multidimensional structures, OLAP cubes or database excerpts are processed. We are happy to advise you on all questions.

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