Symbols for worse

Symbols are difficult. In most cases they don’t work. Some of them have to be learnt. It takes longer than reading something you already know – e.g. a word.

Awkward symbols make me sad. The arrow is beside the beautiful river Saône, in beautiful Burgundy:

Source: me

Should you follow the arrow?
Do you have to follow the arrow?
Are you allowed to, if you are careful?

And here from the magazine “Der Spiegel” – oh boy:

Source: Der Spiegel 29/2008, 2008-07-21, p. 65

Oh boy, because: Americans are rigorous with everything concerning their flag.
For instance: whoever wants to be president needs to wear it on the revers.
I don’t think that the editors of Der Spiegel are allowed to enter the US any longer.
Even my flag looks best non-shrunk and non-stretched.

And that:

Source: Wirtschaftswoche 27, 2008-06-30, p. 104

From now on: whenever we see three stars, we know the company will soon be part of the DAX stock index.
One means: probably not.
Says the German magazine “Wirtschaftswoche”.
I am not sure.
Will that be accepted?

I believe for most symbols the rule is:
No entry.