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The best soccer charts come from Nuremberg

Even though they still have a shred of hope in the UEFA Cup, it is no secret that Nuremberg does not have the best soccer players in the German Bundesliga. The best soccer charts, however, do come from Nuremberg. You won’t find them in Nuremberg-based ‘kicker’ magazine, but you will find them here.

1Bayern München17106131:82336Sparkline: Bayern München, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
2Werder Bremen17113342:241836Sparkline: Werder Bremen, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
3Hamburger SV1795324:131132Sparkline: Hamburger SV, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
4Bayer Leverkusen1793532:161630Sparkline: Bayer Leverkusen, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
5Schalke 041778226:17929Sparkline: Schalke 04, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
6Karlsruher SC1784519:21-228Sparkline: Karlsruher SC, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
7Hannover 961783627:28-127Sparkline: Hannover 96, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
8VfB Stuttgart1781824:25-125Sparkline: VfB Stuttgart, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
9Eintracht Frankfurt1758419:23-423Sparkline: Eintracht Frankfurt, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
10Borussia Dortmund1763826:30-421Sparkline: Borussia Dortmund, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
11VfL Wolfsburg1755730:30020Sparkline: VfL Wolfsburg, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
12Hertha BSC Berlin1762919:24-520Sparkline: Hertha BSC Berlin, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
13VfL Bochum1754825:27-219Sparkline: VfL Bochum, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
14Arminia Bielefeld1753919:38-1918Sparkline: Arminia Bielefeld, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
15Hansa Rostock17521016:26-1017Sparkline: Hansa Rostock, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
161. FC Nürnberg17431021:28-715Sparkline: 1. FC Nürnberg, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
17Energie Cottbus1736817:27-1015Sparkline: Energie Cottbus, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde
18MSV Duisburg17411214:26-1213Sparkline: MSV Duisburg, Saison 2007/2008, Hinrunde

The inofficial fall championship, the halfway mark of the season prior to the winter break, is an important benchmark in German soccer. Since the beginning of the Bundesliga, 30 of the 44 teams who won the German championship also won the fall championship in the same season. (You surely don’t have to illustrate that using a pie chart.) Whoever wins the first round has a good chance to finish as the winner, too.

This year, Bayern Munich is at the top again. They have already won this honor 15 times – and only missed the championship twice. As the sparklines show, however, their last few matches were rather lethargic. Werder Bremen, on the other hand, played consistently in the past weeks to fight its way to the #2 spot.

Stuttgart’s #8 ranking isn’t necessary a catastrophe either. Although the experts expected that the 2007 German champions would have ranked higher, they are still doing better than one might expect considering the ups and downs of their season.

The first, second and third horizontal lines designate the Champions’ League positions, qualification spots and the UEFA slots respectively, while the fourth marks those teams who are in the relegation zone. All of these figures come from the German Football Association.

In case the editors at kicker are reading this, we made the sparklines using SparkMaker. For the record, it is much cheaper than the disgrace of knowing that I, a true soccer dunce, am offering advice to one of Europe’s leading sports magazines.