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Car crushing

I like self-confidence. But the German retail trade association HDE exaggerates. Have a look.

Wirtschaftliche Leistung im Vergleich. Quelle: HDE.
Headline: Economic achievement by comparison. Left total turnover in retailing, right total turnover in automobile industry.
Source: HDE (ed.), The German retail industry (in German: Der deutsche Einzelhandel), June 2013, page 4.

The three vintage cars worth 351 billion fit a number of times into the tower of goods worth 428 billion. Then the tower of goods would amount up to trillions. Pretty expensive for a few glasses, a pot, three buckets of paint and a frozen fish.

Headline: Economic achievement by comparison.

The mistake has always been done. I thought no one is falling for it any more. Area is drawn, height is calculated. Charts based on area size are difficult. Even if they are correct. Though those that are wrongly calculated are a bit funny. Hopefully the retail market at the cash register calculates in a different way.