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One of my intentions for 2014: I’ll stay dog-matic. Because… data are cruel. Have a look.

Startup your engines: Total follow-on funding for alumni from top accelerators. Source: The Economist, Special Report „Tech Startups“, 2014-01-18, page 5.
Source: “The Economist”, Special Report “Tech Startups”, 2014-01-18, page 5.

Two values were too big. The bars too long. The page too small. Snip! Snap! The two crushed bars add up to 2 billion. The other eight up to 300 million. Isn’t it bold how the Economist shrinks Y Combinator. And TechStars are shrunk-stretched: Too big for Y Combinator, too small for AngelPad.

Hard sell: Capital invested in startup IT companies. Quelle: The Economist, Special Report
Source: also there, page 3.

Two pages ahead: Jumping columns. Here, I would like to have snip snap. When the Early-stagers jump, the Later-stagers jump as well. Even if they are the epitome of calmness.

Could have been better shown in a dog-matic way: With point bars and lines. Both logarithmically. I’ll draw that again. And will show it to you. Look forward to it!