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Percent age

The German newspaper Die Welt showed changes in sales. Of the top 500 German companies. From 1995 to 2010. In annual growth rates. Do you see sales? I don’t. Is the situation after the crisis like it was before? Hang on. I’ll get my pocket calculator.*

Changes in sales since 1995. - Source: Die Welt, 2011-06-20, page 11, Welt online,, 2011-06-24, Figure 2.
Change in sales since 1995. In percent.
Source: Die Welt, 2011-06-20, page 11, Welt online, 2011-06-24, Figure 2.

I get dizzy looking at percentage mountains. Look. This is how the sales really changed.

Redesign: Me.

You can still annotate the percentage change. Note: Lines are developments. As is growth in percent. Lines above growth in percent is drawn annotations instead of an annotated drawing.

* If 2008 is 100, deduct 8 percent. Makes 92. Then add 11.8 percent. 92 x 0.118 = 10.9. Addition: 92 + 10.9 = 102.9. Ah!