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When blue doesn't mean cold

Warnings also have to be issued about the German weather. Officially. The national meteorological service in Germany is called Deutscher Wetterdienst. On 9 September there was a sudden formation of ice. Throughout Germany. Lake Constance was even colder. Munich was muddy. I’ll stick with the French weather.

Official warnings on the Deutscher Wetterdienst website

Stop! Put the winter tires away again. I misunderstood it. It’s explained on the detailed map. With a legend.

Deutscher Wetterdienst's warning map with legend
Legend: Purple = Warnings about severe storms; Red = Storm warnings; Orange = Warnings about distinctive weather; Yellow = Weather warnings; Blue = No warnings

I see. Blue “everything okay”. Yellow warning weather. Orange “distinctive”. Hm. Not so good: Blue makes me think of water. Or cold weather. Maybe traffic-signal green would be better. The way the French do it? I think so. Because traffic-signal colors are a good way of warning on maps. But country colors on maps don’t signal well.