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Only bad is red

Say it like that: A company is in the black. Or in the red. E.ON colors all numbers in red. Also columns, bars, lines.

Adjusted EBIT development - E.ON Performance and streamlining

Investments. Prices. Dividends. Increase in capacity. Decrease in capacity. Norway. Germany. Internal numbers. External numbers. Positive changes. Negative changes.

Big six1 2009 monthly gas consumption y-o-y - E.ON Performance and streamlining
Source(both): E.ON AG (Ed.), Performance and streamlining, April 2010; PDF.

Why? Because of Corporate Identity. And the companies CI says red. I’m very strict because red is a special color. A signal for bad. Everybody understands. At once. Signals for good are more difficult. What is good, what is normal?

The ones from marketing should do promotions. But no controlling.